64-bit Version of Kodi now available

Open-source software is loved by hobbyists and hackers everywhere. One of the most most popular is Kodi. Although Kodi is one of the most widely used home theatre PC (HTPC) applications, many aren't happy with the installation options. In spite of how great Kodi is, the lack of a 64-bit installation bothers some. The Kodi team is resolving this issue on recent builds of Kodi. As a result, a nightly version of Leia using a 64-bit installer is now available. This is truly the next step in the evolution of Kodi for the desktop environment. Kodi on Windows is often the most-updated client, and a new install option is a big deal for the platform. However, this is a major change for the team, and is not without issues. [Read: The 6 best legal Kodi movie addons 2017 – Movie addons for Kodi]

64-Bit Version Of Kodi Now Available - Kodi On Tv
Kodi Is A Great Media Player.

Twice the bits, triple the issues

The 64-bit version of Kodi for Windows was developed as a result of the 32-bit version being published on the Windows store. While the Kodi team didn't initially believe this would be possible, it was. External developers demonstrated the ease in updating Kodi for the Microsoft Store. Once this change was made, the Kodi team began to tackle the next big Windows hurdle, 64-bit. A 64-bit system is not necessarily required for video playback. Although this may be true, some users are interested in the minor upgrade.

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The Kodi team aims to please, and began working on updating the application for 64-bit. However, this was not a cakewalk for the team. Updating and altering legacy software is no easy task. Nevertheless, the team persisted. Early versions of 64-bit Kodi were available earlier this year. However, this build lacked functionality and had performance issues. [Read: Guide: How to install StrongVPN on Windows to keep your browsing safe?]

Making the switch to 64-bit

A more stable build of Kodi is available as a Nightly release. This build is fairly stable, and is a cool way to experience Leia, the next major release of Kodi. Even so, most users might not want to make the switch. A reinstall of Kodi would mean potentially losing settings. The risk of issues is not outweighed by marginal, if any, performance increase. Furthermore, some addons might not work as expected. It's impossible to say which will not work, as every user's setup is different. Issues with back end code still exists, as noted by the team. In spite of all this, if you're a power user interested in the newest thing, it's not a bad idea to try it out. For the most part, it is fairly stable, and this writer has noticed no major issues. As Kodi moves toward its Leia release, it continues to bolster its list of offerings. Now, Kodi comes back to its XBMC roots with an Xbox One app.

Stay with us as we publish more on Leia and 64-bit versions of Kodi here at htpcBeginner.

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