AtoMiC ToolKit Update Feb 2017- Exciting new features

It has been exactly a year since AtoMiC ToolKit 2.0 was released with an awesome new GUI to make life even more easier. AtoMiC ToolKit (Automated Media Center), automates home server software installation and maintenance. We have written in detail about how AtoMiC ToolKit works. Today, I happy to announce that it has received several changes, improvements, and fixes over the last year. Read on to see what this February 2017 update brings.

AtoMiC ToolKit Febrary 2017 Update

I am happy to announce a new collaborator on the project: Tom. He has been extremely happy over the last few weeks and all of the changes and improvements highlighted below were due to his hard work. With that said, here are some key updates to the project:

  • Full Raspbian support - Raspberry Pi users can now rejoice
  • Full Debian support
  • All apps updated to the latest systemd, from upstart
  • Added Lazy Librarian support
  • App backup method improved
  • Bug fixes to SABnzbdplus management
  • Added NZBHydra
  • App access details improved
  • Bug fixes for Transmission management
  • Sickbeard support removed - Use SickRage, SickGear or Sonarr
  • Code cleanup and improvement

Get Involved

There are two ways to get involved, you can do both, just one, or neither (although we would appreciate if you help us out).

1. Take Anonymous Survey to Give Feedback

Please take 5 minutes to help shape the future of AtoMiC ToolKit. The survey shown / linked below has 6 questions, responses to which are completely anonymous. Your feedback will be used to come up with AtoMiC ToolKit development strategy.

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Open Survey (New Window)

2. Support Development with a Donation

We have put in several hundred hours of work into developing AtoMiC ToolKit. If it helped you please consider donating. All donations will be used only for AtoMiC ToolKit development.

Hb | Smarthomebeginner
Hb | Smarthomebeginner

Bugs, Issues, and Feature Requests

With AtoMiC ToolKit, we have tried to provide you an ecosystem to automate HTPC and home server software maintenance. It works best if all software are installed and uninstalled through the ToolKit. If you already have a few things installed then the ToolKit may work but depending on how the software are configured you may encounter errors. If have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment. If you like it then spread the word by sharing this post. To contribute or report a bug/issues, head over to AtoMiC ToolKit GitHub page.

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