64-bit Version of Kodi now available

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Open-source software is loved by hobbyists and hackers everywhere. One of the most most popular is Kodi. Although Kodi is one of the most widely used home theatre PC (HTPC) applications, many aren’t happy with the installation options. In spite of how great Kodi is, the lack of a 64-bit … read more

Kodi added to Xbox One: Kodi now available on Xbox One

Kodi Is Now Available On Xbox One.

Some might fondly remember their first home theatre PC (HTPC) application as Xbox Media Center, or XBMC. Truly, this was the first HTPC application for the masses. XBMC was available on the original Xbox.  The developers opted to port it to several other devices. This was because of the incredible … read more

FunimationNow Android TV app released

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The Nvidia Shield TV is an excellent device. It’s arguably the top Plex client device and Kodi box available. It’s a capable game streaming gadget, and retro gaming arcade. Plus, with its smart home components, the Shield TV may act as a smart home hub. Until recently, the Shield TV … read more

Pi Torrent Box: Configure Transmission on Raspberry Pi

Openmediavault Transmission

Torrenting is a great way to support open-source software, such as Linux or Raspbian. Users can work together to provide high download speeds. Similarly, this helps reduce the bandwidth costs of small organizations. Torrenting is a totally legal way of downloading files, and a great way to aid in adoption … read more

Best private torrenting sites 2017: Top private torrent sites

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Although Usenet is a popular means of downloading content, torrenting remains the most utilized method. But private torrent sites come with a bevy of benefits. While we’ve covered the best torrenting sites for 2017, let’s look at the best private torrenting sites 2017. The truth about torrenting Torrenting is a … read more

OTA TV popularity on the rise, pay TV on the decline

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With the adoption of the internet, there are more and more ways to watch TV. Consequently, the TV viewing habits of many are changing. Many are choosing to forgo traditional pay-TV models in favor of other options. With over-the-air (OTA) content delivery on the rise, check out the OTA TV … read more

Plex for Kodi becomes free: Watch Plex on Kodi, no Plex Pass required

5 Tips For Users Moving From Kodi To Plex

Both Kodi and Plex are fantastic home theatre PC applications. Whereas both offer certain similar functionality, ultimately Plex and Kodi complement one another. Plex originated as a Kodi fork, but now features drastically different functionality. While Plex focuses on media server applications, Kodi concentrtes on streaming from addons as well … read more