5 Best DVD ripping software 2017: DVD backup software

With DVDs quickly becoming old school and many of us turning to digital media, what options do we have for our old collections? It now seems quite an effort to open up the DVD case and insert the disc when our smart TVs, TV boxes, and home theatre PC (HTPC) devices have an array of content available to them at the touch of the remote. An option that we have is to convert your DVDs to digital copies and store the digital files on these devices. In this post, we will look at the best DVD ripping software 2017 and what features each has to offer.

Best DVD ripping software 2017

Before we begin, please be aware of the legal issues surrounding DVD ripping software. Such applications should only be used for making digital copies of content that you own. In some countries, it is legal to make a single backup copy of commercial DVDs that you have purchased to save wear and tear on your originals. But this is not the case in all countries. Before you convert your DVDs to digital copies, please check the legal position of your country. Ensure that your actions are all above board and legal. This applies to commercial DVDs only, and DVDs that you have created can be converted however you see fit!

Another aspect to be aware of with free DVD ripping software is malware and advertisements. Some software packages will attempt to install other products onto your computer. If you are looking for the best DVD ripper 2017 and are trying free products, ensure that you read each part of the installation carefully and do not just hit next. [Read: 8 Best Linux Media Center Software Options – Linux Media Center 2017]


Imgburn Best Dvd Ripper 2017 - Best Dvd Ripping Software 2017
Try Imgburn For Fantastic Dvd Ripping

Although it's an oldie but goodie, ImgBurn is the first application in our best DVD ripping software 2017 list! It hasn't had an update for a number of years now. Nevertheless, the product is still a front runner for converting your media. ImgBurn is simple but effective and can be used for both reading from DVDs and burning back to writeable discs.

There are a limited number of options with this IMGBurn but that keeps things very simple. You can save your DVDs either to ISO format or to folders on your hard drive. It doesn't make any alterations to the DVD and the output files will be the same size as the original. If you would like to make an exact copy of a DVD without altering any of its contents, then ImgBurn is still the way forward. [Read: 5 Tips for users moving from Kodi to Plex – Things to consider]


Dvd Compression Tool - Best Dvd Ripping Software 2017

Similarly, DVDShrink ranks among our top picks of best DVD ripper 2017 applications that will allow resizing. It is the application to use if you want to reduce the size of your digital media files but do not want the complexity and vast array of options that re-encoding tools offer. With DVDShrink, you can rip a DVD onto your hard drive and set the final size of the output files. It will then shrink the DVD content on the fly as it is taking it from the disc. DVDShrink does not allow you to save your DVDs into other file formats and the standard AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders are retained. DVDShrink is the best DVD software 2017 if you want a very easy to use piece of software that keeps your digital media in DVD format. [Read: Guide: How to use Kodi Full Screen for your Older 4:3 Videos?]

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Covert Dvds To Mp4

The best DVD ripper 2017 for those of you who want the ability to re-encode their digital media into different file formats is undoubtedly Handbrake. Handbrake is not by definition a DVD ripping application, but it has the ability to do so. It is a video re-encoding package allowing you to convert video files into different file types, adjust the audio, shrink file sizes, and tune video files for use on different player devices. For example, if you want to play the resulting digital file on an iPad, Handbrake has pre-set encoding settings for this. With Handbrake, you can convert a DVD to digital media and output the finished file exactly for your chosen viewing device. [Read: Kodi video settings: understanding the video options]

WinX DVD Ripper

Best Dvd Ripper Software
Winx Dvd Ripper

You'll find that WinX DVD Ripper is a very easy to use DVD ripping solution. It is the first commercial product in our best DVD ripper 2017 list. It can be used to turn DVD discs into digital media or you can use it to convert ISO files to other digital formats. With WinX DVD ripper, the converted DVD to digital copy process could not be simpler. You tell the application whether the source is a DVD disc or an ISO file, select what to include in the output file, and choose the trade off level between conversion speed and quality of the output file. Hit the Run button and your digital copy will be created.

WinX DVD ripper is fast, efficient and can be used to quickly backup your DVDs. It is a "paid for" product but a trial version is available to see if the product is for you. [Read: Guide: How to use External Players in Kodi media center?]

Nero Burning ROM 2017

Dvd Editing Software 2017
Nero Burning Rom

One of the big players in the DVD backup market is Nero. Nero offers an entire suite for creating and managing your digital media needs.  They have been around since the very first CD writers and as a result, provide a very feature rich product. With Nero, you can convert DVD to digital copy, create and edit your home videos, convert your audio collections and setup your digital media for multiple device types. You can also easily add subtitles to your movies.

Nero Burning ROM is for those who don't simply want to rip DVDs but have an all-round digital media toolbox. Nero Burning Rom is a "paid for" product but you won't find a more complete package. It contains the largest toolset in our Best DVD Ripping Software 2017 list. A 30-day free trial is available to test the software before purchase. [Read: Tutorial: Calculate Bandwidth For Streaming Video]

Best DVD ripper 2017 - Final thoughts

There are many DVD solutions out there and the best DVD ripping software 2017 really depends on your needs. If you simply want to convert DVD to digital copy, then many of the free products will suffice. If you are looking for and all-round digital media editing suite then Nero Burning Rom or similar "paid for" products will allow you to achieve more. Always ensure that you understand the law for your country prior to creating any commercial DVD backups. Take the necessary precautions to avoid installing malware contained within many of the free products.

What DVD ripping software options do you recommend?

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