20 Best Kodi addons in 2015 to help you cut the cord

You may have read our recent post on 10 best Kodi addons 2014. Well a lot has changed since then: Kodi was known as XBMC at that point and some of the top XBMC plugins and repositories no longer work on Kodi. Cable TV costs are on the rise while their customer service is heading in the opposite direction. Most subscribers hate the fact that they are paying for “bundled” content they rarely watch. Consequently, number of cord-cutters are on the rise. After days of research, in this post I present the 20 best Kodi addons in 2015 that can help you cut cable and save a ton of money. [Read: What is HTPC, aka Home Theater PC, and what is it used for?]

Update (Feb 29, 2016): Here is an updated list of 20 best Kodi addons in 2016.
Update (April 10, 2015): If you see “Search Error – No Results” in Kodi, go to Addons -> Services -> Twitter Feeds and disable it.

20 Best Kodi Addons 2015

By this time you may have already upgraded from XBMC to Kodi. Our original list had 10 XBMC plugins, in this list I have decided to expand it to 20 top Kodi addons to overcome any geographical restrictions and make this list fit the needs of most people. I have also tried to cover a mix of add ons that bring movies, TV shows, sports, music, and general videos to your Kodi media center.

Some addons may contain pirated content. Consider using legal Kodi addons or a VPN ($5.52/mo).

Please do keep in mind that some of these addons may be using questionable modes of streaming content. This post is for informational purposes only and you are responsible for abiding by any applicable copyright laws and regulations.

1. Addon Installer

First on the list is Addons Installer from TVAddons. You need something to easily install these best Kodi addons as well as keep them updated. This addon presents video, music, program addons, etc. in a browseable interface. Installing an addon you like, including all the ones listed below, is just a matter of navigating and clicking. This installer also installs relevant repositories to automatically update all addons. [Read: How to install Addon Installer on Kodi (aka Fusion Installer)?]

2. Phoenix

Pheonix live streams addon is a replacement for the widely popular but now defunct MashUp addon. Phoenix can access an almost limitless database of media sources including TV shows, films, sports, and pretty much anything else you can think of. A number of great features are included in the plugin, including search, show tracker, live TV, no ads, etc. Overall this is quickly becoming one of the top Kodi video addons. [Read: Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV in a few simple steps]

3. Genesis

Genesis addon combines both GoTV and GoMovies into one simple to install plugin. Many sources are used for the video content and playback is shown in a style not too dissimilar to Netflix. Genesis Kodi plugin offers HD playback, content downloading, easy to interface, pause/resume playback, etc. Genesis is definitely one of the best Kodi addons in 2015. [Read: Create Kodi shortcut on Amazon Fire TV home screen]

4. Icefilms

An addon for all of the film buffs out there, Icefilms uses direct download to serve up movies straight to your Kodi machine. Over 70,000 films exist on the Icefilms website, this provides the content for the addon. Icefilms also includes music concerts and stand-up comedy. The content is streamed directly from Icefilms website and does not require downloading. [Read: What is Usenet and why is it better than Torrents?]

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5. 1Channel

The most reliable source for new movies and TV shows with the list being updated on a regular basis. This plugin has been around forever making it a firm favorite among Kodi users. Unfortunately UK users will have to rely on other similar addons as access is blocked in the UK. [Read: Strategies to fix XBMC buffering issues]

6. Yify Movies HD

If you are into torrents, then you may know that Yify’s releases, despite not being the best in quality, are popular in the bittorrent realm. With x264 encoding, Yify’s releases are both available in 1080p and 720p with less than 2 Gbs (typically 1 Gb) in file size. Now you can enjoy those high quality releases right on your Kodi entertainment center with this addon. [Read: 5 Best Usenet Search providers for Sick Beard and CouchPotato]

7. Movies4K.to

Movie4K/Movie2K is one of the best and easiest free movies websites to watch movies on the internet. Simply select the movie of your choice for free and without registration. In addition, it also offers TV shows and a search feature to find and play whatever you like (if it exists in their library). [Read: SickBeard vs SickRage – a better SickBeard alternative?]

Best Kodi Addons:

8. Netflixbmc

Netflix is probably the biggest video streaming service available today. Its ease of use and cross-platform compatibility makes Netflixbmc one of the best Kodi addons for accessing content from Netflix. The Silverlight DRM is averted by using Chrome Launcher for video playback. [Read: Play Amazon Prime Videos on XBMC in Ubuntu]

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