10 Best Kodi Kids Addons 2017 List for your HTPC

The little ones at home want to watch the best content available for them. You want to make sure they have safe and suitable content for their ages, and also content that keeps them entertained. If you are using Kodi, you need to look no further. Here's a list with the 10 best Kodi kids addons 2017 brings to Kodi media centers everywhere. Of course, if you want the best possible experience, use a VPN with Kodi, to keep your online activities safe and private. It will also allow your children to enjoy the best possible quality on the streams. This will help making their cartoon/shows streaming experience a lot better.

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With These Addons You Can Keep Your Kids Entertained And Be Sure That They Are Watching Appropriate Content For Their Ages.

Best Kodi Kids Addons 2017 List

This post is an update to our 2015 list of Kodi addons for Kids. Be sure to check out other Kodi addons posts linked below to get the best out of your Kodi media center.

Best Kodi Addons:

1. Cartoon8

Kodi Addons For Kids Cartoons8In our Best Kodi Kids Addons 2017 list we have on the first position an addon that has passed the test of time. Cartoon8 is still a good option to watch cartoons and kid-friendly content. This is also one of the Kodi Kids addons that have been recently updated, so you surely will find relevant content. This addon is easy to install and use. You can find the Kodi Cartoon8 addon if you are a user of the MetalKettle Kodi Addon Repository. Install the repository and then give a try to this addon!

2. Ares Kids Tube

Kodi Cartoon Addons Ares Kids TubeWith the Kodi Ares Kids Tube addon, your kids will find interesting content directed towards them. Not only cartoons, but also kid-friendly shows such as videogame gameplays, information about toys, and cartoons for all ages. More than 50 kids shows are readily available with this addon, which makes it one of the best Kodi kids addons 2017 brings to your Kodi media center. The little ones of the household can be entertained for hours with the content from the Ares Kids Tube Kodi addon.

3. Kiddie Cartoons

Kodi Movies For Kids Kiddie CartoonsKiddie Cartoons is another one of the Kodi cartoons addons that have become really popular, and with good reason. There is a really wide and entertaining selection of content you can access with this addon. If you want to know how to get the Kodi Kiddie Cartoons addon, make sure you read our guide, which will help you along the easy process. You will be able to let your kid watch content from this addon in no time, and provide them with a great entertainment experience. [Read: Guide: How to install Kodi Kiddie Cartoons addon]

4. Toddler World TV

Kodi Tv Shows For Kids Toddler World TvAnother one of the best Kodi Kids addons 2017 has brought to our Kodi devices, the Toddler World TV Kodi addon can be installed from the MetalKettle addon repository. It brings content specifically aimed towards kids in pre-school age and toddlers. Colorful cartoons and shows to keep them entertained and also provide some educational value. Keep your kids entertained with the content in the Kodi Toddler World TV addon, it's free!

5. CrunchyRoll

Best Kodi Kids Addons Install CrunchyrollFor anime fans, the Kodi CrunchyRoll addon offers movies and cartoons from the Japanese and Asian entertainment. These shows are not all kid-friendly, though, so you should keep a close eye on content with this addon. What makes it one of the entries on this best Kodi kids addons 2017 list is the fact that the Kodi addon offers an increased performance when compared with the CrunchyRoll website. No frame rate drops and better subtitles are some of the things its users are reporting, so this addon seems to be worth a try.

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6. Funimation

Best Kodi Anime Addons FunimationWith the Funimation Kodi addon you will also achieve hours and hours of entertainment for the little ones at home. This is one of the best Kodi addons for kids available. With Funimation you can watch anime and asian entertainment shows on your Kodi media center. Keep an eye on the content, as not all the shows might be kid-friendly. However, the series and shows available can be watched on English dubbed version or subtitles, which gives you and your kids more options to watch.

7. PBS Kids

Cartoons On Kodi Pbs KidsWatch kid-friendly content on demand with the PBS Kids Kodi addon. A wide selection of fun and educational clips is available if you use this plugin. The Kodi PBS Kids addon makes it to our best Kodi kids addons 2017 list because of the quality of the streams, and the fact that the content in this addon is specifically directed to children, which makes it a good option to let them choose the streams themselves, giving them even more hours of entertainment. [Read: 6 Must have Kodi addons for Broadcast TV streaming]

8. ToonMania

Tv Shows For Kids On Kodi ToonmaniaSome say ToonMania is the best Kodi kids addon. It might be true, because this addon not only features cartoons, but also full length movies that your kids can watch. This makes the content options provided by the ToonMania Kodi addon even wider and more varied, which grants it a spot in our best Kodi kids addons 2017 list. You can install the ToonMania Kodi addon from the MetalKettle addon repository, so be sure to give it a try!

9. Super Cartoons

Stream Cartoons On Kodi Super CartoonsWith the Kodi Super Cartoons addon you have access to retro cartoons in an easy and straightforward way. The Super Cartoons addon is available from the SuperRepo addon repository, so it is easy to install and find.  If you're looking for Kodi cartoon addons you can install on your media player in order to keep your kids entertained, then the Kodi Super Cartoons addon is definitely a good option for you to consider. Try it out today!

10. Cartoon World

PBest Kodi Kid Friendly Addons Cartoon Worldretty self-explanatory name; the Kodi Cartoon World addon lets you watch cartoons and anime with fast loading times and a good stream quality. There are some dead links, but overall the Kodi Cartoon World addon offers a great user experience, for you and your children. If you want to try out the addons in our best Kodi Kids addons 2017 list, then the Cartoon World Kodi addon seems like a pretty good option that will keep your kid occupied for hours.

As you can see, there are plenty of addons you can use when you want to keep your kids entertained with your Kodi media center. Once they are done watching TV, you can take control of your TV again, and use one of these best Kodi movies addons in 2017 or these best Kodi TV shows addons in 2017. The content options never end, with your Kodi media center and our addon lists!

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