CouchPotato b468048d Update: Installation and Upgrade

CouchPotato, is an awesome automatic movie downloader and organizer and a perfect companion for your XBMC media center. A new update (b468048d) is now available for CouchPotato. This post describes the changes in the new CouchPotato b468048d update and provides instructions on how to update your CouchPotato.

Couchpotato B468048D

What's New in CouchPotato b468048d

CouchPotato b468048d update brings few minor fixes and improvements, some of which are listed below:

  • Updated YIFY provider to use proxy and magnet links
  • Updated YIFY provider to use proxy list
  • Added proxy options to YIFY provider
  • Removed unusable proxy
  • Added delete files button
  • Replaced default YIFY URL with official alternate domain ""
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>3000 days, unlimited, SSL, VPN $9.99 $99.99 ($8.33 / month)
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The complete list of changes and fixes in CouchPotato b468048d update is available here.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation (Or you may use the 1-step installer)
Windows Installation
CouchPotato Configuration Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

There are many ways to update CouchPotato. If you installed from git following our Ubuntu installation guide, then you may cd into ~/.couchpotato and issue git pull command:

cd ~/.couchpotato
git pull

You may also get the CouchPotato b468048d update by clicking "Update to Latest" from the settings menu or click on the update notification that appears on top of the screen (shown below).

Couchpotato Update Notification
Couchpotato Update Notification

On windows, you may also just choose to download the latest installer from CouchPotato website and install over existing installation.

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