Simplify downloading movies using CouchPotato Firefox plugin

Recently, RuudBurger, a CouchPotato developer, revamped the CouchPotato Firefox plugin (aka userscript) that makes adding movies to your CouchPotato queue a breeze. For those who do not know, CouchPotato is an awesome little app that automates downloading movies. If this sounds interesting, then follow our guides on installing CouchPotato (Ubuntu / Windows) and configuring CouchPotato. Once you have done that, install and setup the CouchPotato Firefox plugin as shown in this post to simplify downloading movies. If you use Google Chrome, then check out this post.

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Install CouchPotato Firefox Plugin

Installation is as simple as any other Firefox addon. Visit the CouchPotato Firefox plugin page through your Firefox browser and click on "Add to Firefox" button.

Couchpotato Firefox Plugin
Couchpotato Firefox Plugin

Integrate CouchPotato Firefox Addon

First open your CouchPotato web interface in your browser and login if you have to. Then, as shown in the picture below, click on step 2 to complete the integration of the CouchPotato Firefox addon with your CouchPotato server.

Integrating Couchpotato Firefox Plugin
Integrating Couchpotato Firefox Plugin

That is all there is to it.

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CouchPotato Firefox Plugin in Action

After successful installation and configuration if you are viewing any movie details on movie database sites such as IMDB or RottenTomatoes, the plugin button become active and you can add the movie to your download queue with as few as two clicks.

Couchpotato Firefox Addon In Action
Couchpotato Firefox Addon In Action

Go ahead, install and enjoy the all new CouchPotato Firefox Plugin.

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