Disney Fox merger: Disney buys 21st Century Fox in massive deal

With its forthcoming Disney streaming service, as well as ESPN-branded sports streaming offering, Disney continues to dominate. Now, the hugely popular company further changes the entertainment industry. In a massive deal worth over $52 billion in stock, a Disney Fox merger lets Disney buy 21st Century Fox. [Read: 5 Best Android apps for music server streaming]

Disney buys 21st Century Fox

Disney Fox Merger - Disney Plans To Acquire 21St Century Fox
Disney Is Poised To Acquire 21St Century Fox

The Walt Disney Company revealed that it has made a deal to purchase the majority of assets from 21st Century Fox. It's a Disney Fox merger valued ad around $52.4 billion. However, the deal is pending approval from antitrust regulators.

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The bigger picture

With this potential deal, Disney could truly rise to a media company capable of rivaling tech and streaming media giants such as Netflix, Amazon, and Google. There's already a Disney streaming service in the works, as well as ESPN streaming sports platform in development. But it's the combination of content and streaming that proves the true potential of Disney's 21st Century Fox acquisition. Since Disney owns the rights to properties such as Star Wars and Marvel, it now adds a slew of new properties. Notably, Disney would add X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool to its Marvel Cinematic Universe. [Read: 15 Best music streaming apps for Android: Streaming music on Android devices]

In a look at the ramifications of Disney's acquisition of Fox, The Verge allowed that the deal lets the MCU add the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. When Marvel Studios presented the Marvel Civil War in "Captain America: Civil War," Sony and Marvel negotiated for using Spider-Man in the MCU. [Read: 9 Best video streaming apps for Android: Movies, TV shows, sports, and more]

As The Verge explains, there's a bevy of canon to contend with which makes it tough to integrate the X-Men franchise and Fantastic Four series. That's not to say the Disney Fox merger doesn't make this possible. Rather, it's difficult to quickly combine the previously self-contained series. Plus, with TV shows like "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "The Gifted," and "Legion," it's a complex web of superhero lore.

Disney Fox merger: Final thoughts

Ultimately, regardless of how Disney handles its potential 21st Century Fox acquisitions, it would own the distribution rights to the majority of Star Wars and Marvel properties. Thus, whether Disney combines the universes or keeps them containerized, it can continue providing exclusive content via its streaming services. With 21st Century Fox in its repertoire, Disney transforms into an even larger juggernaut capable of taking over the streaming space.

Your turn: What are your thoughts on how the Disney acquisition of Fox would alter the entertainment and streaming spaces?

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