Guide: How to install Emby Jupiter Broadcasting Plugin?

The independent broadcasting network Jupiter Broadcasting makes their podcasts and shows available for free online. If you want to get these shows on your Emby Media server, here's a plugin that can help you. With the Emby Jupiter Broadcasting plugin, you get podcasts mainly focused on coding and technology, so if that's your cup of tea, here's how to get the Emby Jupiter Broadcasting Plugin on your Emby media server. [Read: Guide: How to install Emby server on Windows]

Install Emby Jupiter Broadcasting Howto
Here's A Look At Some Of The Jupiter Broadcasting Shows Available With This Emby Plugin.

Install Emby Jupiter Broadcasting Plugin

Right click the Emby tray icon and select Configure Emby, in order to open the dashboard and access the configuration interface.

Emby Jupiter Broadcasting Plugin Tray
Use The Tray Icon Context Menu To Bring Up The Emby Server Dashboard As Shown In The Image.

Once you do that, the Emby dashboard will open. In order to access the plugin catalog, look on the left sidebar for the item Plugins, and click it.

Install Jupiter Broadcasting On Emby Plugins
Click On Plugins On The Sidebar In Order To Bring Up The Plugin Installation Interface.

Click on the Catalog tab, in order to look at the available plugins you can install on Emby server. Scroll down until you find Jupiter Broadcasting and then click it, in order to install Emby Jupiter Broadcasting plugin. You will be taken to another interface, where you will get information about the Emby Jupiter Broadcasting plugin, as well as be able to install Jupiter Broadcasting on Emby by clicking a button. Scroll down until you see a big, green Install button, and click it.

Get Jupiter Broadcasting On Emby Confirm
Click The Green Install Button In Order To Install Emby Jupiter Broadcasting Plugin On Your Media Server.

You will see a popup window warning about potential side effects from installing Emby plugins, and asking for confirmation. To get Jupiter Broadcasting on Emby, you should click the OK button. After that, installation will commence. You might be asked to restart your Emby server once it's done. If that happens, restart by clicking on the notification or by going to Dashboard -> Restart on your Emby media server.

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What to do after installing Emby Jupiter Broadcasting plugin?

After you install Jupiter Broadcasting plugin, you can access this content from the home page of your server. Get there by clicking the house icon on the top right corner and selecting Jupiter Broadcasting from the My Media area. That's it!  You are ready to get a bit more tech-savvy with these shows, completely free of charge! If you want other options for content on your Emby server, the Emby Vine plugin lets you look at short videos, while the Emby SoundCloud plugin allows you to listen to independent artists from all around the world. Give these plugins a try today, and enjoy the entertainment your Emby media server can offer!

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