Excelvan CL720D LED projector: take the cinema home

It is amazing what a great variety of options we have when setting up our HTPC. From devices with gaming capabilities like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, to devices with cameras included, like the M8C Android box, there seems to be a device for each specific need, to allow us to tailor our experience to our particular taste, or save a few bucks by including much needed accesories, like HDMI cables or even their own remote control. All it takes is doing a bit of research into what we want, and we would most likely find an alternative for it. [Read: Tronfy MXQ review: Quad-Core Android TV box for your HTPC]

Excelvan Cl720D Size
Compact -By Projector Standards-, The Excelvan Cl720D Offers A Great Price/Quality Relationship.

However, we mistakenly seem to assume that all the variations we can include are in the smart part of our setup, this is, the media streamer or device we use to access our home server or the internet; and there's nothing further from the truth than that. There are ways that could turn your setup in what could truly be called a home theater, and one of these ways would be setting up a projector instead of a TV. This is exactly the use you would be able to get from the Excelvan CL720D LED Projector (Buy from GearBest, use Coupon RTM15GB for 6% off and free shipping). Watching content from the best Kodi movies addons or the best Kodi sports addons in a huge screen size is possible thanks to devices like this home theater projector but, is it worth doing? Think about combining this device with an Android TV box and keep on reading to find out.

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Excelvan CL720D: great price/quality with a noisy drawback

With a native resolution of 1280x800, and able to display about  16.7 million colors, the Excelvan CL720D is a pretty good alternative to a traditional TV display, and one of the best video projectors on the market. Compact and light, with a great connectivity including 2 HDMI ports, VGA input to connect your computer (as if the projector were a PC monitor instead) and even USB ports, this device is sure to earn a spot on your setup, no matter what devices you want to work with. This, along with its pretty affordable price tag, makes the Excelvan CL720D one of the best HTPC projector devices in the market.

Excelvan Cl720D Connectivity
The Excelvan Cl720D Has Several Connectivity Options That Make It Immensely Useful For Productivity And Leisure.

However, not everything is rainbows and unicorns (although rainbows and unicorns might look pretty nice on your white wall or projecting screen with this device), and there are some drawbacks with this home theater projector. One of the negative aspects present on the Excelvan CL720D LED home theater projector is the fact that it tends to be a bit noisy, which could turn into a nuisance; this, despite the fact that the projector uses LED technology to bring the images on your vertical surfaces. In this regard, it would be suitable for watching content from your HTPC only if you don't mind a little bit of background noise when enjoying your media. [Read: VOYO mini PC could be a compact and silent media PC]

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Excelvan Cl720D Compatibility
You Can Connect The Excelvan Cl720D To Lots Of Other Devices.

Watching a movie projected over a wall at home has got to be the closest to a true home theater experience one could imagine. A comfortable sofa and a way to control your media remotely, such as a wireless HTPC keyboard or a remote app such as Kore or Yatse might very well be the icing on the cake for this interesting way of enjoying your content. The Excelvan CL720D projector, paired with a little bit of ingenious thinking and living-room furniture placement could go great lengths into truly bringing the magic of the cinema to your very own home. This being said, you need to keep in mind that, as good as this device can be, and as competitive its price tag might seem, you will have a somewhat noticeable level of noise when using it on your setup, which could be an issue hard to overlook for some demanding users.

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