Google Assistant comes to the Nvidia Shield TV: HTPC meets the smart home

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best streaming Android TV boxes available. Now, the streaming devices further rounds out its feature sets as Google Assistant comes to the Nvidia Shield TV. [Read: Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub - Which one is better for whom?]

Nvidia Shield TV gains smart home features

Google Assistant Comes To The Nvidia Shield Tv - Shield Tv Console
Nvidia's Awesome Streaming And Gaming Device Gets Google Assistant

With its Google Assistant compatibility, Nvidia's Shield TV gains additional voice control. Earlier, the Shield TV still maintained certain voice commands for launching apps. But the addition of Google Assistant means it's even more honed for smart home integration.

Moreover, the Shield TV also gets Samsung SmartThings compatibility. This arrives via a USB dongle and allows the Shield TV to connect to and control various Samsung SmartThings-capable devices. The trend is clear: there's an increasing convergence of smart home and smart home automation tech with entertainment. While many devices offer smart home compatibility, the Shield TV is one of, if not the first, that truly combines the home theatre PC (HTPC) space with the connected home.

An Nvidia Shield TV isn't merely a great pick up for voice control. Rather, it's one of the best Plex client devices you can buy, and superb for gaming such as playing retro games through emulators. With its voice control and SmartThings as well as Google Assistant compatibility, the Shield TV essentially transforms any set of speakers into a smart speaker. I have my Shield TV running into my Denon AVR 1513 receiver, and the audio pumping through my Infinity Alpha 20 speakers is gorgeous. It's far better than a Google Home or Amazon Echo, yet affords similar smart home integration. [Read: Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which is better for smart home control?]

Google Assistant comes to the Nvidia Shield TV along with SmartThings

Although security systems and climate control gadgets are the most common smart devices, entertainment is a major element of the smart home. It's arguably the most exciting. The Nvidia Shield TV with its newfound SmartThings and Google Assistant functionality is truly one of the best streaming boxes and smart home hubs you can buy. The Pro version can run a Plex server, and it's ideal for cord cutters with its ability to record live TV using an over-the-air tuner.

Are you a Shield TV owner? What are your thoughts on its smart home integration? 

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