How to install the Fusion Installer source in Kodi: Fusion Installer for Kodi

TV Addons is back and with it an entire repository of third-party Kodi addons. Because of its fantastic library of addons for Kodi, TV Addons is a must-have. Likewise, the Fusion Installer is essential for any Kodi users who wish to maximize their Kodi home theatre PC. Learn how to install the Fusion Installer in Kodi. [Read: 5 Best legal Kodi anime addons for your Kodi HTPC]

Fusion Installer for Kodi

The Fusion installer is an addon which makes for simple installation of popular addons. To load the Fusion Installer, you'll need Kodi v17 or higher.

Some addons may contain pirated content. Consider using legal Kodi addons or a VPN ($5.52/mo).

1. Go to Settings

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Go To Settings
Select The Cog Wheel To Get To The Setting Menu

Click on the Settings cog in the top left-hand corner of the Kodi main screen.

2. Navigate to System Settings

How To Install The Fusion Installer - System Settings
Go To System Settings In The Kodi Settings Menu

Next, select System Settings under the Settings page.

3. Choose Addons

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Addons
Pick The Addons Tab

On the right-hand side of the screen, click Addons.

4. Toggle Unknown Sources to on

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Unknown Sources
Toggle Unknown Sources On

Now, allow for updates from Unknown Sources

5. Choose Yes

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Yes
Allow Installation Of Unknown Sources

A warning will pop up. Pick Yes to allow Kodi addons from unknown sources.

6. Backtrack to the earlier menu

With Unknown Sources allowed, back up to the previous menu.

7. Proceed to File Manager

How To Install The Fusion Installer - File Manager
Navigate To The File Manager

Then, choose the File Manager.

8. Hit Add Source

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Add Source
Add The Fusion Source

Next up, click on the Add Source option.

9. Select the <None> field

How To Install The Fusion Installer - None Field
Click The None Field

After that, click the <None> field beneath where it reads Enter the Paths of Browse for the Media Locations.

10. Input Fusion URL

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Fusion Url
Enter The Fusion Url

Once you've completed that step, enter the Fusion Installer URL:

and click Ok.

11. Name the source

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Name Fusion Installer
Give Your Source A Name

Choose the blank input field under Enter a name for this media source. Use something such as:


Then, click Ok.

12. Hit Ok again

Select Ok on the bottom of the Add file source window.

13. Go back to Kodi main screen

With the source added and named properly, go back to the Kodi home screen.

14. Select Addons

Tv Addons Is Back: How To Install The New Tv Addons Kodi Repo - 13
Select The Addons Tab

In the left-hand sidebar, click the Addons section.

15. Hit the box icon

In the top left-hand corner, click the Box Icon.

16. Choose Install From Zip File

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Install From Zip
Select Install From Zip

Now, pick the option that states Install From Zip File.

17. Pick the Fusion source

How To Install The Fusion Installer - Choose Fusion Source
Choose The Fusion Source

Here, you'll see a list of sources. Opt for the Fusion source from the list.

How to install the Fusion Installer

That's it! Now, you're ready to begin using your HTPC with the Fusion installer for Kodi. It's a pretty simple process, but with a huge gain. Namely, you'll find loads of stellar addons through the Fusion installer which aren't necessarily in the main repository.

With Fusion installed, you can update your TV Addons apps and ensure they continue updating from the repository. Plus, check out the top legal Kodi addons for streaming live, legal broadcast TV.

Which Kodi addons are you using?

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