How to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows

Digital movies, music, and television shows are incredibly popular. When it launched, iTunes included digital rights management (DRM) on its digital content. This prevented users from using files on any device, relegating playback to iTunes. Although DRM has since been lifted from iTunes music, it's still hampering iTunes videos. Learn how to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows. [Read: 10 Media server software options for multi-device streaming needs]

TunesKit DRM removal for iTunes

For this tutorial, you'll need a few prerequisites. First, you'll need iTunes and DRM protected video. Then, you'll need TuneKit for Windows to convert M4V files with DRM to unprotected copies. [Read: How to install Kodi 17 on iOS without jailbreak using Cydia]

  • Lastest version of iTunes
  • Video content
  • TunesKit DRM removal software
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How to remove DRM from iTunes movies and remove DRM from iTunes TV shows

In a few simple steps, you'll be ready to watch your DRM-free iTunes videos. Please note that this is intended to show you how to unprotect your videos for personal use. For instance, I have loads of iTunes movies and shows but rather than watch them with iTunes, I'd rather use them on my Plex server and have backups sans DRM. [Read: How to stream iPhone to Amazon Fire TV stick using AirPlay]

1. Download TunesKit DRM media converter

Head over to the TunesKit website and download the DRM media converter. There are several options to pick from. You will need to purchase this.

  • DRM Media Converter: For removing DRM from iTunes movies and shows. Either Windows or Mac license.
  • DRM M4V Converter Bundle: Bypass DRM from movies and shows for Windows and Mac.
  • DRM M4V COverter + Apple Music Converter: Strip DRM from iTunes videos and music.
  • DRM M4V Converter + Audiobook Converter: Unprotect iTunes audiobooks and videos.
  • Spotify Music Converter + DRM M4V Converter: DRM-Free Spotify tracks and iTunes videos.

2. Install TunesKit DRM removal software

Once you've downloaded your preferred DRM removal software, navigate to the directory where you saved the install file. For me, this was my default Downloads directory.

3. Launch DRM M4V Converter

How To Remove Drm From Itunes Movies - Launch Tuneskit
Open Up Tuneskit And It Will Propmt You To Relaunch Itunes

After installation, open up the DRM M4V Converter. This will also open up iTunes.

4. Drag and Drop

How To Remove Drm From Itunes Movies - Drag And Drop
Next Up Drag Your Media To The Tuneskit Drm Removal Tool

Now, it's as easy as dragging and dropping. You'll need to ensure your video file is downloaded to your PC before proceeding to remove DRM from iTunes TV shows and movies. Open the directory where you have your video downloaded, drag the file to M4V Converter, and get ready to convert.

How To Remove Drm From Itunes Movies - Drmed File
Drmed Itunes File, Ready To Be Dragged Into The Tuneskit Interface


5. Pick your options

How To Remove Drm From Itunes Movies - Select Your Options
Select Your Tuneskit Options For Output File Type As Well As Source

Before you make the conversion, choose your format: Lossless MP4 of lossless M4V. Additionally, you may leave the output directory as default or change it to a custom path.

6. Click convert

How To Remove Drm From Itunes Movies - Conversion
Hit That Blue Convert Button

Now, it's time for the TunesKit DRM removal action. Click the convert button. This will take a few minutes, so go make a cup of coffee, grab a snack, or take a short walk. Since video encoding is heavily contingent on your CPU, the time it takes for you to remove DRM from iTunes movies and shows varies based on your processor.

7. Play your file whenever and wherever

When the conversion is complete, you're ready to use your file on whatever devices you choose. [Read: Guide: How to install Apple podcasts Kodi addon]

TunesKit DRM removal for iTunes movies and TV shows: Final thoughts

If you've got a moderate to large library of iTunes videos, TunesKit DRM removal software is well worth the investment. It's a fantastic way to unprotect iTunes movies and shows for use on any device and with any software. I've used TunesKit to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows so that I can drop those videos on my Plex server or play them using Kodi.

What software do you use to remove DRM from iTunes TV shows and movies? 

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