Guide: Install Jackett on Windows Server 2016 as a service

What is Jackett? Its is a service that acts like a proxy server and translates queries from other apps like Sonarr, Sickrage and CouchPotato. This allows you to use more search providers and you can manage this service as a single repository removing the burden from other apps. Custom torrent providers are also supported by this service. Jackett is supported by multiple operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Today i will show you how you can install Jackett on Windows Server 2016 as a service. [Read: SickBeard vs SickRage - a better SickBeard alternative?]

Install Jackett on Windows Server 2016

In order to install Jackett on Windows Server 2016, we first need to go to the Jackett GitHub and download the latest version. In our case, we will download Jackett.Installer.Windows.exe file.

Click On &Quot;; To Download The Installer
Click On "" To Download The Installer

After downloading the installer, right click on the file and click on "Run as administrator".

Install Jackett On Windows Server 2016
Right Click On The Installer And Then Click On "Run As Administrator"

Make sure that the Install as a Windows Service and Create a desktop shortcut  options are checked. Then click on "Next" to setup Jackett on Windows.

Check The Options As Shown In The Image
Check The Options As Shown In The Image
Recommended HTPC / Home Server Builds:

Launching Jackett

After the Jackett Windows setup is complete, click on "Finish" and make sure the Launch Jackett option is ticked, to start the service. You can also start it by clicking the icon on the desktop.

Jackett Windows Setup
Click "Finish" To Complete Jackett Setup

If the installation was completed successfully, you can access the Jackett dashboard on port 9117, or by going to the following URL: http://localhost:9117/. For access from outside your network, enable port forwarding on router.

Jackett Dashboard
Jakett Dashboard

You managed to install Jackett successfully. What to do after that?

After installing Jackett successfully, you can start adding providers to your setup. Then add the Jacket indexer to apps like Sonarr to start enjoying better search results and more reliable downloading. If you don't have Sonarr for TV shows yet, we have installation guides for Sonarr on windows and Sonarr on Ubuntu. So ahead, install Jackett on Windows Server and take your server setup to the next level of automation.

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