Guide: How to install Kodi USTVNow addon

A problem many HTPC users face is adding content to their setup in a way that requires minimum effort. The community of developers for Kodi is particularly aware of this, as you can see if you browse our lists for the 10 best Kodi movies addons or the 10 best IPTV addons for Kodi. This last one is particularly interesting, because it not only includes amazing gems as the Phoenix Kodi addon, but also gives you a glimpse at other addons that can be used to gain access to certain online services from within Kodi. In this guide, we teach you how to install Kodi USTVNow addon, a TV addon for Kodi we highlighted before in our 20 best Kodi addons list, that grants you access to an online streaming service without having to use a browser. [Read: Guide: How to install YouTube Kodi addon]

Setup Ustvnow Kodi Addon Channels
You Can Get Many Tv Channels In Your Htpc If You Install Kodi Ustvnow.

If you Install Kodi USTVNow this is exactly what you will get. The Kodi USTVNow addon is a TV addon for Kodi that lets you access all the content from the USTVNow service. This is a free service with an option to get more channels by paying a premium fee, and though their premium subscription sounds tempting, you could do very well just with their free channels. Are you interested on learning how to install Kodi USTVNow addon? We tell you how to do it in this short tutorial.

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How to install Kodi USTVNow addon?

The procedure to install Kodi USTVNow addon is very easy, but to make it even easier, please make sure you have the Addon Installer or Fusion Installer already set on your Kodi HTPC. If you still don't have it, read our guide to install Fusion Installer, and unlock the power of this amazing tool. [Read: How to Install SuperRepo on Kodi for easy addon installation?]

Install Kodi Ustvnow Addon Installer
Make Sure Addon Installer Is Among Your Kodi Program Addons, To Install Ustvnow On Your Kodi Htpc.

Once you have the Fusion Installer, make sure you have created your USTVNow new user, otherwise the app won't work for you. To do this, go to their website, and follow their instructions to sign up and get your USTVNow password and username. With your login information in hand, you can continue to install Kodi USTVNow addon. which is one of the Live TV addons for Kodi we previously told you about in our list. You can get USTVNow for free on your Kodi HTPC by following these steps:

Install Kodi USTVNow addon via Addon Installer

Head to Programs from the main menu, and click on the Addon Installer icon. This will bring up the Fusion Installer menu. On the Addon installer menu, click on Search by: Addon/Author.

Kodi Ustvnow Addon Search
Clicking On Search Will Enable You To Get To The Ustvnow Addon Faster And Install It Very Quickly.

To search for and install Kodi USTVNow addon, type USTVNow on the dialog box that appears, and then click Done

Tv Addon For Kodi Ustvnow
Type Ustvnow As Shown Above. This Part Is Easier With A Keyboard, But The Virtual On-Screen Keyboard Allows You To Use A Remote, Too.

Click on USTVNow and then, on the menu that appears, click on the Install USTVNow option. This will install Kodi USTVNow addon on your Kodi HTPC.

Ustvnow Kodi Plugin Install
Clicking On The Ustvnow Icon Will Install The Ustvnow Addon (It Might Not Be An Icon, But A List Item, It Depends On Your Visualization).

There will be a confirmation dialog, asking you if you want to install Kodi USTVNow addon and its repository, if needed. Click on Install. You will see a download bar, and then a Success! notification, telling you that the addon has been installed and enabled. Click OK on that notification.

And that's it! After you install Kodi USTVNow addon, go to your video add-ons by clicking on Videos -> Add-ons from the main menu. Scroll down until you see USTVNow. If you click it, the addon will prompt you to visit the USTVNow website and register. Do so if you haven't up to until now. Click OK, and after entering your login information, you will be ready to stream the USTVNow channels from the comfort of your couch. If you still want more content, install Kodi Genesis addon to watch your favorite movies, or turn your HTPC into a gaming console after you read how to install Kodi ROM Collection Browser. Never a dull moment again in your living room!

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