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Guide: Install Sonarr on Windows 10 in just a few minutes

Sonarr (also known as NzbDrone) is a service for automatic media download just like Sickrage and SickBeard and it's preferred instead of the previously mentioned services because of it's ease of use, interface and features. We have already shown you how to install Sonarr on Ubuntu or automatically install Sonarr using AToMiC Toolkit. Continue reading to learn how to install Sonarr on Windows 10 in just a few minutes. [Read: SickBeard alternative: Sonarr aka NzbDrone vs SickBeard]

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Why Sonarr?

Sonarr is preferred by beginners and advanced users instead of Sickrage and Sickbeard because it offers a friendlier interface and it a bit easier to install and set up on multiple operating systems. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and you can set it up in less than 10 minutes, so you can start configuring it and begin to enjoy hassle free media downloads. Besides that, Sonarr is also compatible with Jackett for multiple tracker provider support. [Read: How to install Jakett on Windows Server 2016 as a service]

Download Sonarr for Windows

In order to install Sonarr on Windows, we need to visit https://sonarr.tv/#download to download the appropriate installer. In our case, we click on the Download button from the Windows section and wait for the download to finish.

Download Sonarr For Windows
Download Sonarr For Windows

Install Sonarr on Windows 10

Next, we will need to go to C:\ drive, and create a new folder named Sonarr. Please note that you can use any drive, but it is important that the Sonarr drive should have write access on your chosen drive.

Create New Folder Named &Quot;Sonarr&Quot;
Create New Folder Named "Sonarr"

Copy the previously downloaded file named NzbDrone.master file in the Sonarr folder you just created, right click on the file and click on "Run as administrator". This step is important because by running the installer as administrator, the port and URL will be registered with Windows, which is required for remote access.

Right Click On &Quot;Nzbdrone.master&Quot; And Click On Run As Administrator
Right Click On "Nzbdrone.master" And Click On Run As Administrator

The Sonarr Setup Wizard will start, and you will need to click next to start the Sonarr setup with the default settings.

Click &Quot;Next&Quot; To Go Trough The Setup Wizzard And Install Sonarr
Click "Next" To Go Trough The Setup Wizard And Install Sonarr

Make sure that the option Install as a Windows Service is ticked in for the Sonarr service to be started automatically after a reboot.

&Quot;Install As A Windows Service&Quot; Option Must Be Ticked
"Install As A Windows Service" Option Must Be Ticked

Sonarr Windows Setup
Click "Finish" To Complete The Setup

Launching Sonarr

After Sonarr Windows setup finishes, a Sonarr shortcut will appear on your desktop. You can double click on the Sonarr shortcut , or you can go to http://localhost:8989 in order to open the Sonarr homepage in order to start the service configuration and begin creating your library.

Sonarr Desktop Shortcut
Sonarr Desktop Shortcut

This Is The Sonarr Homepage Where You Can Start Configuring The Service
This Is The Sonarr Homepage Where You Can Start Configuring The Service

Sonarr installed successfully. What to do after that?

There you have it! Now you can start configuring Sonarr. Add your TV shows and let Sonarr download, rename, organize and ping a Kodi library update for you. So the next time you open Kodi, your latest episode is download and ready for you to watch and enjoy. Go ahead install Sonarr on Windows 10 and add features to your HTPC or Home Server.

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