Kodi Destiny Skin Review: an overall good skin for your Kodi HTPC

Kodi gets a lot of skins developed for it, and it is possible for you to customize Kodi interface with a look you like and are comfortable with. However, no matter how amazing the interface looks, it also has to offer a smooth user experience, to truly be among the best Kodi skins. I have analyzed the Kodi Destiny Skin, which can be obtained from the official Kodi repository. This skin looks amazing, with smooth transitions and well-defined interface elements. However, I have had a few issues while testing it, that might be worthy of considering before installing it. [Read: 10 Top Kodi skins for tablets and smartphones]

Kodi Destiny Skin Main Menu
With The Destiny Skin You Get A Secondary Movie Ribbon Above The Colorful Main One.

On the main menu of the Kodi Destiny interface, you can see a colorful ribbon, and secondary ribbons depending on the menu you're browsing. For example, hovering over the App Center menu will show you a list of Program Add-ons, and hovering over All Movies will show you a cover ribbon for movies in your library.  You can control the Kodi Destiny skin with any input device, but it is best if you do it with a wireless HTPC keyboard or a mobile remote app such as Kore or Yatse. Even if you use these devices, it's a bit hard to get used to this skin in some visualizations or situations.

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Kodi Destiny Skin: beautifully troublesome

Kodi Destiny Interface Ribbon
When Hovering Above The App Center Option, You Will See Your Program Addons In A Secondary Ribbon.

In general, this skin is amazing and very well designed. Visualizations look neat, and let you browse your media smoothly; however, there are two complains in this regard. First of all, switching visualizations is not straightforward. Sometimes you need to press down, sometimes you need to press left. No visual cues to indicate what to press, either. However, to make it worse, some visualizations load sources information without you selecting a movie, so if you're using an addon (for example, Kodi Exodus addon), some visualizations will attempt to load sources information even while you are just browsing. This is a major disruption we can find in this Destiny skin review. Other negative aspects involve some menu items in another language other than English, with no clear indication of what you can control with them. [Read: Guide: How to add Kodi subtitles to your streams and movies]

Destiny Skin Review Menu
You Will See Some Options In A Different Language Than English, Which Will Be Confusing For Most Users.

If you are able to look past these issues, then the Kodi Destiny skin is an amazing option for your Kodi HTPC. In fact, if you avoid certain visualizations, you will indeed have a smooth media browsing experience, particularly while using addons. Aesthetically, all of the visualizations are pleasant, and you can take a look at them in the following screenshots:

Destiny Gui For Kodi Poster Wall
The Poster Wall Visualization Will Show You A Popup With Media Info, And Drive You Insane With Pauses To Load Sources When Browsing Video Addons.
Kodi Interface Destiny Plugin Posterlist
The Posterlist Visualization Shows An Horizontal List With Media Covers Which Also Suffers From Loading Pauses.
Install Kodi Destiny Skin Infowall
The Infowall Visualization Does Not Suffer From Pauses And Is Great For Viewing Several Media Items At The Same Time.
Add Kodi Destiny Skin Logo Fanart Wall
The Logo/Fanart Wall Visualization Offers Quick Browsing, However, It Looks Very Dark, Making It Difficult To Recommend.
Destiny Plugin How To Install Banner Full
The Banner Full Visualization Is Great, Displaying Media Banners On The Left And Media Info On The Right.
Kodi Destiny How To Add Banner
The Banner Visualization Is Eye-Catching And Smooth. Fanart, Media Banner And Media Info Share The Screen For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Kodi Destiny Skin: do you recommend it?

Kodi Osd Destiny Playback Menu
An Osd Menu With Access To All Playback Options And A Helpful Seeking Bar Are A Great Positive Point On This Kodi Skin.

If the menu and media browsing experience are critical for you, do not even think of downloading this skin. It will break your patience, if you don't have a lot of it. However, if you're able to look past its flaws, and use one of the visualizations that work well, the Kodi Destiny skin might be a nice addition to your Kodi install. Running a Raspberry Pi? Try one of these 5 Best Kodi skins for Raspberry Pi. If you use an Amazon Fire TV instead, here are some Kodi skin suggestions for Amazon Fire TV that you will find useful as well.

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