Kodi Neon Skin review: vibrant colors for your HTPC

We have shown you in the past some really neat skins for Kodi that you could use to modify your HTPC interface and give it that much needed variation or boost that would make your media browsing easier and more comfortable. We offered you a list with the best Kodi skins for touchscreens, with awesome entries like the sober Kodi Amber Skin or even the movie theater feeling you get if you install the Kodi Back Row Skin. However, there are times when all we need is color and customization options. For cases like this one, I would say the Kodi Neon skin is a perfect choice. [Read: Kodi Nebula Skin review: light and dark skin for your HTPC]

Kodi Neon Skin Main Menu
Neon Skin Plugin For Kodi Is A Colorful Interface With Lots Of Customizable Options.

In this Neon Skin review, you will see that the Kodi Neon skin is a Kodi skin for touch screen devices, but it also plays well with normal and even big screens from TVs and even projectors such as the Excelvan CL720D. If you change Kodi skin from the default one, Confluence Kodi skin, and start using Neon skin for your HTPC, you will immediately notice some similarities. After all, when you select the Kodi Neon skin it advertises itself as "Night meets Aeon meets Confluence", implying this Kodi touchscreen skin is actually a mix of those three options. It surely feels like it.

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Kodi Neon Skin: familiar interface, with more options

Neon Skin Review Addons
You Can Customize The Ribbon Adding Separate Menu Items To It.

The main menu is reminiscent of Confluence. Same ribbon, same sub-ribbon below when you select an option. Even a similar way to scroll among them. The difference in this case is that you can customize the background for each menu item, and the color scheme for all of the interface, and you will have several options to choose from. You can set one of your favorites as a separate menu item on the ribbon for easy access; though this is a bit different from other skins that let you set any addon to the ribbon, whether it's on your favorites or not, but it still is a way to get your menu ready with your favorite items. [Read: 6 Best Kodi skins in 2015 to enhance your media center]

Kodi Touchscreen Skin Menu
One Of The Available Menu Visualizations, The List View.
Kodi Plugin Skin Neon Poster View
Another One Of The Menu Visualizations, Poster View. Note How Weather And Time Are Always Visible On The Top-Right Corner.

The Kodi Neon skin keeps weather information and time visible on all menus at all times in the top-right corner; however that can be disabled. This Kodi touchscreen skin brings a great deal of visualizations that are even customizable with an option switch (to make it dark, or rather show a fanart background of the movie or TV show you might be browsing at the time); however, since there are so many visualizations to choose from when browsing media, you can actually disable some of them -perhaps your least favorites- to keep the rotation between visualizations easy. You can see more about some of the visualizations available in the following pictures:

Kodi Neon Interface Showcase
The Showcase Visualization Of The Kodi Neon Skin Shows Information About The Movie And 3D Cases.
Kodi Neon Addon Poster
The Poster Visualization Shows You A Beautiful Succession Of 3D Cases With Fanart In The Background.
Kodi Skin For Tablets 16X9
The 16X9 Visualization Shows One Movie Or Media Item In The Entire Screen, Which Lets You Browse Them Better From Afar.
Kodi Skin For Smartphones Wall
The Wall Visualization Lets You See Lots Of Items At Once, To Make Your Selection Easier.
Kodi Neon Menu For Touchscreens Slide
The Slide Visualization Shows All Movies In An Horizontal Ribbon. This One Is Also Great To See The Media You're Browsing If You Are Far From Your Tv.

Kodi Neon Skin: should I download it?

Kodi Skin With Seeking Bar Neon
The Kodi Neon Skin Has Several Buttons For Your Convenience In Its Playback Screen, Including Subtitles, Media Control Buttons, And Also A Fully Working Seeking Bar.

This skin will be very familiar to you if you have used Confluence, and I'd dare say it's more like a version of the default skin that can be customized to your liking, so in this sense, you just can't go wrong if you decide to use it. There are quite good visualizations that let you look at information such as the name of the director of the movie, its writer, its average score or rating, and the logo and name of the producing studio; details that are not necessary for movie viewing, but always welcome. [Read: Guide: How to install Genesis addon on Kodi?]

There are a few bugs here and there, such as one where the duration of the movie becomes overlapped with some other text and neither of them displays quite clearly, as you can see in the pictures; however, this is a minor issue. The Kodi Neon skin is a great option to consider if you want to make your media center interface look attractive and colorful, as well as make it easier to get to the addons you love the most.

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