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Kodi Rapier Skin Review: an amazing Kodi interface

written by Alejandro May 14, 2016

When reviewing Kodi skins, sometimes I find one that is simply amazing. This is exactly what happened when I started to write this Kodi Rapier skin review. The Kodi Rapier skin is a neat user interface which you can control pretty much however you like. Smooth transitions and fast response times are the first things you will notice when switching to this skin. It could easily be among the best Kodi skins due to these factors, but when you discover that it could also be controlled via touchscreen, then it turns into an alternative for the best Kodi touchscreen skins as well. [Read: Kodi KOver Skin review: make your own Kodi skin]

Kodi Rapier Skin Review main menu

The Kodi Rapier main menu will show you suggestions of current and upcoming movies, among other things.

You will not see only praise in this Kodi Rapier skin review, but also the features that make this praise called for. The main menu has several things integrated, to offer relevant information to you at a glance. For example, you can see the weather, the date and time, and also the most recent movies in your HTPC, as well as the movies currently on theaters, and the upcoming ones. All of this information is visible from the main menu, in the Movies option. If you use your wireless HTPC keyboard or your mouse, you can get to a smaller menu above the main ribbon, with several other features, such as browsing movies by directors or genres, or playing music in “Party Mode”.

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Kodi Rapier Skin review: easier visualization switching

Kodi Rapier Plugin

A drop-down selector is always accesible for you to change visualizations easily.

And here’s the feature that takes the cake, at least for me, in this Kodi Rapier skin review. Visualizations in the Kodi Rapier interface can easily be switched via a drop-down menu, in the style of skins such as the Kodi Titan skin. However, and what makes the Kodi Rapier plugin skin more special, is the fact that this drop-down menu is always visible, yet in an unobtrusive way. A thin ribbon on top of your screen, allows you not only to switch visualizations, but also to configure the particular one you’re using. The options you get to browse your media are rather interesting, and though you won’t see a lot of visualizations in this skin, they are enough for variety. [Read: Kodi Conq Skin Review: Extremely simple Kodi interface]

If you want to have a look at the visualizations available, you can do it below:

Kodi Rapier Interface icons

The Kodi Rapier Icon visualization lets you view several movie covers at once.

Rapier GUI for Kodi wide list

The wide list visualization shows a description of your movie, name and cover image.

Kodi Rapier Addon list info

The list info visualization shows a half height list, with cover image and media information.

Rapier Interface for Kodi list info 3

List info 3 visualization shows you full-height list, information, fanart image and cover image.

Rapier Plugin for Kodi wrap info

The wrap info visualization shows you a cover ribbon and media information.

Skins for Kodi Rapier 3D wrap

The 3D wrap visualization shows a 3D ribbon below a movie image and information.

best skins for Kodi Rapier wall

The wall visualization on Kodi Rapier skin lets you browse many media items at once.

Kodi Rapier skin review: would you recommend trying it?

Interfaces for Kodi Rapier playback

The Kodi Rapier OSD menu enables you to change settings during playback, and contains a fully-functional seeking bar.

I would indeed recommend trying this skin, and exploring the many options and features it can bring to your HTPC. In this Kodi Rapier skin review, we saw that it’s probably not very well suited to limited hardware devices such as the Raspberry Pi. If you own one of these devices, try one of the best skins for Kodi Raspberry Pi instead. However, if you own a device able to spare some computing power, such as an Android media player or an NVIDIA SHIELD TV, then this skin might make your media browsing experience pleasant and convenient. It is free, so, what are you waiting for to try it?

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Gade May 15, 2016 - 5:50 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to review the skin. I really appreciate all the kind words.

Scarfa is the original creator if Rapier, and I’ve been developing it since XBMC Frodo.

Although I fully agree that Rapier is not well suited for low powered devices, this gave me the idea for adding a “Low CPU Power Mode” skin setting.to disable certain features and animations.


Alejandro May 16, 2016 - 10:18 am

Hello! I’m glad that our review gave you an idea to further improve on this amazing skin. Thanks for sharing with us!

Jamie Connor August 6, 2017 - 6:05 pm

hi Gade
i have a small problem. i cannot get video to play full screen. it only shows video playing in the top bar and in a widget type box with a progress bar. i get sound too but no picture filling the screen as you’d expect. where am i going wrong? ps, this skin is ridiculously good.


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