Kodi Unity Skin review: sweet transitions and neat looks

With all the skins for Kodi going around, it's refreshing to see new approaches to graphical Kodi interface every now and then. This was my first impression when I took a first glance at the Kodi Unity skin. This skin takes elements from a design style named Material Design, and taking some leeway in its principles, implements them beautifully with gorgeous transition elements and simple, yet elegant, menus. This is like nothing I have seen before; you could compare this skin with the 10 best Kodi skins for touchscreens or the 6 best Kodi skins we have recommended to you in the past, and see for yourself that the Kodi Unity theme is very different. [Read: Kodi Aeon Nox Skin Review: a modern look for your HTPC]

Kodi Unity Skin Main Menu
A Delightful Combination Of Colors And Shapes Greets You When You First Install The Kodi Unity Skin.

You can control the Kodi Unity skin with any peripheral, whether it is a mouse, air mouse such as the Lynec C120 air mouse or any other. You can also use a wireless HTPC keyboard. The Unity skin plugin will accept any input method, and behave intuitively with it. Moving across all the menus and media is a joy in itself, since this skin includes smooth transitions that make you feel like your cursor is gliding over a bunch of highly interactive cards, which is a plus if you like neat effects. If you have a limited hardware device, this might not be the skin for you, and you might be better off trying out a skin such as Maximinimalism Kodi Skin or browsing our list of the 5 best skins for Raspberry Pi. However, if your device packs more power, then keep reading.

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Kodi Unity Skin: gorgeous looking, simple shaped

Kodi Unity Theme Thumbnails
Using The Thumbnails Visualization For Addons Is Ideal, As It Lets You Browse Many At A Time.

The shapes used by the Kodi Unity skin are simple: just rectangles and squares. However, the addon plays with things such as color, opacity, shadows and transitions, giving it an amazing look, reminiscent of most modern Android phones or devices. An aspect for improvement on the Kodi Unity skin might be the fact that some fonts don't quite contrast with their backgrounds, however, this can be addressed by switching color scheme. On visualizations, this skin rivals interfaces such as the Kodi Metropolis Skin. With the Kodi Unity theme, you will be able to select from as many as 8 visualizations for movies. When browsing TV shows, there is an additional visualization mode where you can see the banners for your favorite TV series. You can see more visualizations and screenshots from the Kodi Unity skin below. [Read: Kodi Mimic Skin review: smooth and quick skin for your HTPC]

Unity Skin Plugin Wide
The Wide Visualization Is Specially Recommended If You Are Browsing Tv Shows, As It Displays A Banner For Each One.
Unity Skin Theme Poster Wrap
The Poster Wrap Visualization Shows The Covers In A Big Ribbon In The Middle Of The Screen.
Kodi Unity Gui Fanart
The Fanart Visualization Grabs The Media Fanart As Background And Displays A Small Ribbon Of Covers At The Bottom.
Kodi Interface Unity Media Info
The Media Info Visualization Is Very Useful To Read A Synopsis Of The Movie You Are About To Watch.
Kodi Unity Appearance Media Info 3
The Media Info 3 Visualization Displays Info In A Different Way, And Still Looks Amazing.
Kodi Unity Graphical Interface Color
You Can Use The Unity Color Picker To Select The Colors Of Your Interface.
Unity Skin For Kodi Thumbs
The Thumbnails Visualization Is Also Useful To Browse Many Movies At Once. In This Case, Their Covers Are Displayed In A Mosaic.

Kodi Unity Skin: do you recommend it?

Unity Plugin For Kodi Playback
A Fully Functional Seeking Bar And Osd Menu Are The Icing On The Cake For Such A Versatile Skin Plugin.

Depending on the capabilities of your device, you might find yourself praising or yelling at this Kodi skin plugin. If you like to install and download skins for Kodi that are eye-catching and offer amazing transitions, then the Kodi Unity skin is for you. On the other hand, if you use a limited hardware device, or don't like that many effects on your interface, then go for a simpler option instead. No matter what skin you use, you will need content to go with it, so have a look at our 10 best Kodi movies addons list, or turn your HTPC into a gaming related entertainment center by installing one of the 10 best Kodi addons for gaming. Customize your Kodi media center to your liking by choosing the right skin and plugins to go with it!

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