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MiniDLNA 1.1.0 Released: Installation and Upgrade

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written by Anand August 8, 2013

ReadyMedia (formerly MiniDLNA) is the most commonly used DLNA server on Linux systems. While it was originally designed for Netgear's ReadyNAS product line, it works wonderfully on Linux allowing network streaming of videos (with subtitles), music, and pictures. This post introduces the recently released MiniDLNA 1.1.0 update.

MiniDLNA 1.1.0 Released

MiniDLNA Server on XBMC

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What's New in MiniDLNA 1.1.0

MiniDLNA 1.1.0 or ReadyMedia 1.1.0 takes MiniDLNA to a new level by adding support for more operating systems. Listed below are the changes in this version:

  • Add support for other operating systems.
  • Switch to autoconf from our handcrafted genconfig.sh.
  • Add configuration option for UUID.
  • Add configuration option to specify the user to run as.
  • Add support for limiting a media dir to multiple media types.
  • Force a rescan if we detect a new or missing media_dir entry.
  • Fix crash caused by certain TiVo clients.
  • Fix crash bug on video files with some ffmpeg library versions.
  • Add support for TiVo MPEG-TS files.
  • Add some logging and forking tweaks to work better with systemd.
  • Validate or escape user input to prevent SQL injection.
  • Add forced sorting support for Panasonic devices.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation
MiniDLNA Configuration

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Upgrade Instructions

If you follow our guide to install MiniDLNA on your Ubuntu system then you can use the guide below to upgrade your MiniDLNA.
Upgrade Instructions

Install or upgrade MiniDLNA 1.1.0 and enjoy streaming content to all your compatible devices.

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