Nest security system announced: Smart home company unveils new products

When the Nest launched, it was one of the hottest (no pun intended) smart home products available. Plus, it was an early example of smart home tech. The connected device company persists in its chokehold on the climate control market, and recently launched the Nest E. Its E aims at a consumer crowd rather than enthusiasts. Now, with a Nest security system announced. [Read: 5 best wireless outdoor security cameras 2017 - Wireless outdoor security cameras to monitor your home]

Nest unveils new product line

Nest Security System Announced: Smart Home Company Unveils New Products

Nest continues its streak of brilliance. There's the Nest Hello, an Internet-enabled doorbell. Onboard, you'll find a camera, speaker, and microphone. Additionally, Nest plans an outside iteration of the Nest Cam IQ, dubbed the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Simliar to the indoor variant of the Cam IQ, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor boasts Google Assistant AI inside. [Read: How to set up Blink wireless indoor security camera - Blink for Home configuration]

At the core of the announcement though is the Nest Secure. This is a keypad, siren alarm, and intrusion sensor combination. It's intended as a whole-home monitoring system. [Read: DIY home security system buying guide - 6 things to look for to help your decision]

Nest security system announced

What this new line of products proves is two-fold. Security is fast surpassing climate control as one of smart tech's hottest topics. Further, Nest is fully invested in the smart home space. But not merely climate control. Instead, the fresh array of Nest security gadgetry proves that Nest understands the sector's growth, and moreover fully intends to take advantage of that. [Read: 5 best smart thermostats keeping energy and costs cool in 2017]

As consumers, this comes as a fantastic surprise. With the advent of new tech from recognized vendors, there's accordingly more competition and added choices. No longer does Nest connote climate control, or Amazon ecommerce. Rather, the likes of Nest, Amazon, and Google seek to bolster their dabblings in the smart home space. Thus, expect a bevy of options for new smart hardware, and therefore lower prices. By venturing outside the connected climate control space, Nest takes a big risk. But it's one I bet will pay off. After all, Nest is a proven player.

Will you adopt Nest's new security offerings?

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