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Get notified of Dognzb, NZB.su, and OMGWTFNZBs invite availability

Getting a Dognzb, NZB.su, or OMGWTFNZBs invite can be a wild goose chase because the invites taken up in a matter of moments. Many of you may not even know where to find these Usenet index invites. And if we take one more step back, you may even ask what the heck are your taking about. Well, few days back I wrote a post on best Usenet search providers and why you need to get into at least a couple of good ones. One of the proven ways to prevent failed NZB downloads is to have a reliable Usenet search providers because the chances of having a spam or an incomplete upload is greatly reduced. Some of the most reliable Usenet indexes are Dognzb.cr, NZB.su, or OMGWTFNZBs. Unfortunately registrations are not always open to these sites and you will have to be invited to even register. While these are paid indexes, trust me it is worth it to invest some money into these. [Read: What is Usenet and why is it better than Torrents?]

Get Dognzb, NZB.su, and OMGWTFNZBs invite

Again the only way to get these premium Usenet index provider registration is only through invitations. The best place to look for OMGWTFNZBs, Dognzb, and NZB.su invite is the Reddit UsenetInvites forum. Head over there and you will find notifications from users how have Usenet indexer invites available. If you are lucky enough you may be one of the first 5 or 8 or 10 people to reply and get in.

Nzb.su Invite On Reddit Usenetinvites
Nzb.su Invite On Reddit Usenetinvites

Alternatively, you may beg for any available Dognzb, NZB.su, or OMGWTFNZBs invite.

Dognzb Or Omgwtfnzbs Invite On Reddit Usenetinvites
Dognzb Or Omgwtfnzbs Invite On Reddit Usenetinvites

Easier way to get Usenet Invites

Some clever folks have made it easy to get notified when invites OMGWTFNZBs, NZB.su, or Dognzb.cr invites are available for you to grab. This is how I got in and I am sharing my success with you. If you have not yet heard about IFTTT, it automates several things on the web. You can make it check Reddit Usenet invites forums and immediately notify you if there any open invites. The picture below shows two examples:

Usenet Invite Recipes On Ifttt
Usenet Invite Recipes On Ifttt

The two "recipes" (as they are called) notify me when OMGWTFNZBs invite is available to grab. The first one emails me and the second one texts me. Similar there are recipes available all kinds of things. Here are the recipes that helped me get in:

Once you use a recipe and turn it on, just sit back and go on with your day. As soon as you receive the Usenet index invite availability notification, click the included link in the email or text message and you will taken to the post directly. Submit your request and you are in. No begging or waiting around. [Read: SickBeard alternative: NzbDrone vs SickBeard]

Omgwtfnzbs.org Invite Ifttt Email Notification
Omgwtfnzbs.org Invite Ifttt Email Notification

Once again, if you ever think why do I need to work so hard to get into one of these premium Usenet indexes then don't. You are going through the trouble of setting CouchPotato, SickBeard, or NzbDrone and purchasing a reliable Usenet provider. Why be limited by failed downloads and bandwidth wastage? The effort and the money is worth it to get into private Usenet indexes. So go ahead use the above IFTTT recipes or others (more are being cooked every day) and get notified of Dognzb, NZB.su, or OMGWTFNZBs invite as soon as they become available.

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