Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2: Plex DVR, 4K casting, remote updates

The Nvidia Shield TV remains arguably the best streaming device available. With its beefy hardware, the Shield TV makes a spectacular Plex client device. It's also a capable Plex server set up. Because it's possible to install Kodi on the Nvidia Shield TV, it's a beastly legal Kodi streaming box as well. Because of its bundled controller, the Nvidia Shield TV is fantastic for gaming. Since it's an Android TV OS device, users may install emulators for the Nvidia Shield TV to play ROMS from the likes of the NES, SNES, and N64. With its latest update, the Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2, the Shield adds Plex DVR, 4K casting, remote updates, and more. [Read: 5 Best Kodi skins for Nvidia Shield TV 2017 - Performance with looks]

Experience Upgrade 5.2: Improvements

The Nvida Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2 adds a slew of goodies. There's refreshed Plex integration, 4K video casting, and a bevy of new apps and games.

Nvidia-Shield-Tv-Plex-Client - Nvidia Shield Tv Experience Upgrade 5.2
The Nvidia Shield Tv, One Of The Best Streaming Devices Available

Plex DVR, tuner support

The Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2 greatly enhances an already capable device. In a June 2017 update, Plex added a live TV feature to its DVR functionality. As part of its Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2, the Shield TV gains dual USB tuner support. This allows the Shield TV to act as a Plex server and DVR. Since the Nvidia Shield TV Pro iteration boasts a 500 GB hard drive, the Shield TV Pro can store a bevy of content. Similarly, the Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2 yields functionality to record DVR shows to network attached storage (NAS) devices.

4K Casting

Nvidia Shield Tv Experience Upgrade 5.2 - Nvidia-Shield-Tv-4K-Apps
Nvidia Shield Tv 4K App Compatibility.

Moreover, 4K support gets a facelift in the Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2. While the Shield TV already featured the strongest lineup of 4K streaming support including the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, there's now 4K casting support. With the latest update, the Shield TV now sports casting in 4K to YouTube and Netflix. However, 4K casting on Nvidia Shield TV is contingent on individual apps.

Remote updates

Although a highly touted feature, voice search on Nvidia Shield TV remotes initially was spotty. Many users, myself included, lacked voice search on the candy bar remote. While I could utilize the neat voice search on the Nvidia Shield TV controller, the remote flat out didn't function. I did find that the remote voice search worked so long as the remote was plugged into the Nvidia Shield TV console via USB. However, as of an update to remote firmware 1.10, voice search now works properly. [Read: 5 Best wireless Nvidia Shield TV controller options]

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More apps and games

The Nvidia Shield TV differs from Android boxes like the Mecool BB2 Pro and WeTek Play 2. While these Android streaming boxes run a tablet-optimized version of Android, the Shield TV instead runs Android TV OS. This means standard Android apps won't appear in its version of the Play Store. However, users may sideload apps on the Nvidia Shield TV with these three launchers. [Read: Sideload apps on Nvidia Shield TV 2017 with ES File Explorer]

With the latest Experience Upgrade 5.2, the Nvidia Shield TV gets a slew of new apps and games. The NBC app joins the available video streaming lineup. realMyst and Riven get added to the gaming lineup. There's also Marvel Heroes streaming via GeForce Now, as well as the new Facebook video app. [Read: 20 Best streaming apps for Nvidia Shield TV 2017: Movies, music, and more]

Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2: Further improving the best streaming device

The latest Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2 proves that the Sheild TV is one of the top streaming devices available if not the best Android TV box. It's versatility as a streaming TV set top box, game console, and Plex client as well as server make the Nvidia Shield TV a force to be reckoned with. Continued updates and enhancements from Nvidia like Plex DVR support are a testament to Nvidia's partnership with app developers and willingness to update hardware in accordance with the latest software updates. Additionally, it's the device to own if you're seeking a foray into 4K streaming. Already own an Nvidia Shield TV? Try these seven tweaks after initial setup and check out our step-by-step Nvidia Shield 2017 setup guide.

Do you own an Nvidia Shield TV? What are your thoughts on the Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2?

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