Meet Vero media player, the new flagship device for OSMC

The age of the mini XBMC media players is here and Vero media player running OSMC could give others the run for their money. It may be a new entrant but it comes with the strengths of OSMC, which is evolving from Raspbmc, one of my favorite media center distros for Raspberry Pi. According to Sam Nazarko, who is behind Raspbmc, OSMC, and Vero - OSMC is going to be a great software but great software needs a great device to run on. That's where the new OSMC box named Vero comes in. Vero is being developed to be the the flagship device for OSMC and will showcase its potential. The kickstarter campaign for Vero will kick-off this month and the Vero media players are expected to ship by December this year.

Update (Jan 07, 2016): Vero is back as Vero 2 and is not bigger and better.
Update (Dec 12, 2015): Vero page has been removed and Vero website does not work. Vero may be removed from the market.

Osmc Interface
Osmc Interface

Vero Media Player

The Vero media player with OSMC will of course sport Kodi entertainment center is being made by OSMC for OSMC. The objective is to fill the gap in the market for an affordable but high performance media center device.

Vero Osmc Box
Vero Osmc Device
Vero Media Player In Black
Vero Osmc Box In Black

If you are a fan of Raspbmc, then expect good things from this Vero OSMC device. Lookout of the Kickstarter campaign to begin shortly, pledge your support, and be among the first ones to get your hands on the new Vero media player.

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