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Smart Home Beginner was launched in February 2018 by Anand. However, the contents have been available for over 10 years through htpcBeginner.com (launched March 2014), LinuXplained.com (launched June 2012), linuxblog.avserver.info (launched December 2011), and blog.homelinux.org (launched April 2010). Due to the recent growth and to establish an identity that accurately … read more

Disqus vs Livefyre vs Facebook Comments – Which one to choose?

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I recently realized that the default wordpress commenting system lacked a few things: It wasn’t user friendly and quick. Users had to type their name, email, etc. before submitting their comments. It was bland and not very interactive. It did not do much to attract more traffic to the site. … read more

Solving Onboard and USB Sound Card Issues in Alsa

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Like I explained in my previous post, I have an Ubuntu Server playing HD audio and video using Turtle Beach USB Audio Card and Broadcom CrystalHD. Pulseaudio worked when using VLC for some reason I did not get Dolby/DTS passthrough from XBMC. So I had to remove it as I … read more