Lightweight mail server for Linux – Nullmailer MTA

Lightweight Mail Server

Nullmailer is a lightweight mail server and a great alternative to full-fledged mail transfer agents (MTA) such as sendmail or postfix. In fact, nullmailer’s website describes it as “a sendmail/qmail/etc replacement MTA for hosts which relay to a fixed set of smart relays. It is designed to be simple to … read more

Get FeedBurner subscribers count using PHP

Feedburner Count Php Ft | Smarthomebeginner

UPDATE (01/12/2013): This will no longer work because Google has shutdown FeedBurner API. FeedBurner is a web feed management provider from Google. It provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. Recently, I wrote posts on how to get Facebook like count using … read more

Get Twitter followers count using PHP

Twitter Followers Count Ft | Smarthomebeginner

Recently, I wrote a post on how to get Facebook like count using PHP. Continuing along the same lines, in this post, I will explain how to get Twitter followers count using a simple PHP script. The number can be stored in cache or a database and displayed as simple … read more

Write for Smart Home Beginner

Write For Us | Smarthomebeginner’s popularity has been growing and we expect to have several million visitors this year. Checkout the About page for details. htpcBeginner is now opening up and letting you reach its readers directly. Both experienced and novice writers are welcome to contribute. Publish your articles here, gain growing visibility, and … read more



Anand, the founder and owner of htpcBeginner, is a self-learned computer enthusiast and a part-time blogger. He has been dabbling with web designing, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL since 2001 and has launched/maintained several websites. His first impression of Linux (Knoppix): “complex and unattractive”. His opinion has since changed and … read more


About Us | Smarthomebeginner

Smart Home Beginner was launched in February 2018 by Anand. However, the contents have been available for over 10 years through (launched March 2014), (launched June 2012), (launched December 2011), and (launched April 2010). Due to the recent growth and to establish an identity that accurately … read more

Solving Onboard and USB Sound Card Issues in Alsa

Write For Us | Smarthomebeginner

Like I explained in my previous post, I have an Ubuntu Server playing HD audio and video using Turtle Beach USB Audio Card and Broadcom CrystalHD. Pulseaudio worked when using VLC for some reason I did not get Dolby/DTS passthrough from XBMC. So I had to remove it as I … read more