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phpMyAdmin 4.1.7 Released: Installation and Upgrade

written by Anand February 11, 2014

phpMyAdmin is an awesome web-based database management tool. Learning phpMyAdmin can come in very handy for bloggers and web-developers. This post introduces the recently released phpMyAdmin 4.1.7 update.

phpMyAdmin 4.1.7

What's New in phpMyAdmin 4.1.7

phpMyAdmin 4.1.7 is a bugfix release. A few highlights include:

- bug #4245 initial Browse query does not match sorting order
- bug #4250 Notice on export page
- bug #4253 "New" text in navigation frame acts like a database
- bug #4262 Cannot define a column with fractional seconds
- bug #4265 Missing datepicker icon for DATETIME(length)
- bug #4257 Hide fractional seconds when applicable
- bug #4264 Uncheck "Ignore" while inserting, upon leaving a textarea
- bug #4260 reCaptcha is ignoring language settings
- bug #4259 reCaptcha sound session expired problem
- bug #4263 Japanese character encoding not working properly when exporting
- bug #4269 Notice on table relation page
- bug #4270 Bad text-color for table comments
- bug #4278 reCaptcha re-login requires double effort
- bug #4272 Incorrect tabindex
- bug #4271 Query by example and the second criteria line
- bug #4242 Wildcard-containing only_db failure in sidebar

The complete changelog for phpMyAdmin 4.1.7 can be found here.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation
phpMyAdmin Tweaks

Recommended Guides:

Upgrade Instructions

If you followed our installation guide for Ubuntu, then you can upgrade to phpMyAdmin 4.1.7 using the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

That's it. Enjoy administering your databases using phpMyAdmin's web interface.

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