PlayStation Vue Kodi addon released: PS Vue Kodi addon available

PlayStation Vue stands as one of the top premium streaming services available. It's a great pick as a PlayStation 4 streaming app and helps cord cutters shed the shackles of cable and satellite. Now, PS Vue comes to Kodi as an addon. Find out what a PlayStation Vue Kodi addon released means!

PS Vue addon for Kodi

Playstation Vud Kodi Addon Released Stream College Football Live In 2017 - Ps Vue


PlayStation Vue is a handy streaming service that enables subscribers to view streaming content on many devices. Recently, the PS Vue Kodi addon released. Users now have a legal way to watch an extensive library of content, as well as watch live TV and sports on their Kodi devices.

The PlayStation Vue addon has beaten Netflix to the platform in an unprecedented move. Many streaming services, paid or otherwise, are not always supported by Kodi. The handful that are available as addons are not always fully supported, or may not work perfectly on all devices. [Read: 20 best Kodi addons 2017: Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and More]

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Illegal Kodi addons

Pirates-Bittorrent-Usenet Playstation Vud Kodi Addon Released

Here at htpcBeginner, we're huge fans of Kodi addons. While many of these addons make Kodi better, some are plain illegal. Certain addons allow the user to stream television and other paid content for free. This type of addon removes the need to manage an extensive Kodi library. The ease of use makes this appealing to fans of Kodi. However, these addons tends to get removed from the web. These removals mean users are left scrambling for other alternatives. One such alternative is the PS Vue addon, which has both a wide library of content and support for live TV and sports. The crackdown on unscrupulous Kodi addons means that users are more likely to seek out legal alternatives. Many people are subscribers to streaming services of one kind or another, including PS Vue. [Read: TVAddons returns for unofficial Kodi addons: TVAddons is back]

The Future Of Addons

PS Vue is not one of the more popular streaming services, so it seems odd that it's made an appearance as an addon for Kodi. Netflix seems like a better choice, but technical limitations and convoluted workarounds have prevented this. Streaming is the content delivery service of the future, and Kodi is just now coming into its own in this arena.

The crackdown on illegal Kodi addons shows no sign of stopping. In the void they leave, legal alternatives like PlayStation Vue will fill the space. Hopefully, the development team and the community will find ways to bring more legal streaming services like PS Vue to Kodi. Additionally, we're looking forward to see content providers make it easy to use their services with any platform their subscribers wish. [Read: Disney streaming service announced: Plans to pull Disney content from Netflix]

PlayStation Vue Kodi addon released: What it means

PlayStation Vue is an awesome service. It's one of the best methods for watching ESPN live, and a solid choice for streaming college football online as well. As this addon proves, there's a major push in the Kodi addon community to focus less on pirate streaming and increasingly on legitimate streaming sources. Although addons still offer third-party and unofficial access, they should boast better quality since Kodi addons now provide content from legal providers like PS Vue, Funimation, and more. Plus, with the release of Kodi v18, there's unofficial Netflix support.

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