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Plex Unofficial Channels: Install the 3 Best Plex Channels

Plex Unofficial Channels - Plex Addons like Kodi

written by Mike June 26, 2015

Plex unofficial channels are one of the best things about Plex and allow you to setup Plex addons like Kodi. This allows you to access some of the same addons, through Plex, that you may be using on a devices with Kodi installed. The added benefit of setting these channels up through Plex is that you can extend these channels to many client devices, even those which can’t run Kodi such as Roku or iOS devices. If you’ve setup remote access to your Plex server, you can actually connect to these channels from anywhere! We will discuss some of the Best Plex Channels such as the Icefilms Plex Channel and we will show you how to install them. [Read: Plex vs Kodi – The Ultimate Comparison Guide]

The 3 Best Plex Channels

There are 3 Plex Unofficial Channels that in my opinion are the best Plex Channels. These of course are not the only unofficial Plex Channels available but they should be considered along side any other channel you install. If you are looking for a list of Plex Channels, you can visit the Plex website for more information.

1. IceFilms Plex Channel

The Icefilms Plex Channel lets you browse many Movies and TV shows available to stream online. You can search, view the library alphabetically, show latest releases, or the most watched items. The Icefilms Plex Channel can be downloaded from GitHub.

2. Let Me Watch This Plex Channel

The Let Me Watch This Plex Channel has much the same functionality as Icefilms but often will have different sources than Icefilms. This means if you can’t get a video from the Icefilms Plex Channel, you can try Let Me Watch This and see if there is a different source there that will work. The Let Me Watch This Plex Channel can also be downloaded from GitHub.

3. SS Plex Plex Channel

The last Plex Channel is called SS Plex. This channel also functions similar to the Icefilms Plex Channel and the Let Me Watch This Plex Channel, as it lets you browse content available online to stream. But this channel also lets you download TV shows and Movies directly into the TV or movie folder you have identified through your Plex Server setup. This means that if you have told Plex that your movie files are located in D:\Movies, then SS Plex will download these files to this location. SS Plex is missing a few key features (mainly a global search), does not appear to have received regular updates in a few years (judging by the GitHub logs) and in my experience gets the occasional error when trying to stream video. Despite all that, it is still a worth while Plex Channel to install. The SS Plex Plex Channel can also be found at GitHub. There is also some good information on this channel on the Plex Forum and you will have to follow the instructions there if you want to setup the channel to download items for you (installation of Curl is necessary). [Read: Combine the best of Kodi and Plex with PleXBMC Addon]

Plex Unofficial Channels Installation

Installation of Plex Channels is pretty straightforward and these steps will work whether you are installing one of the recommended channels above, or any other Plex Unofficial Channel. These steps are specifically for a Windows based system, but the process should be similar with other operating systems.

    1. After you have downloaded the channel you want, unzip the file to a location which is easy to access on your Plex server system. You can use WinZip or 7Zip or a similar program to do this.
    2. Locate your Plex media server plugins folder. The easiest way to do this is to click the Plex server icon in your system tray (bottom right of screen, next to the date and time) and click “Open Plug-ins folder”.
    3. In the Plex Plug-ins Folder you will notice many folders which end with “.bundle”. You will also notice when you unzipped the your Plex Channel, that a folder with the same “.bundle” came out of there.
    4. Now you simply need to copy the folder with the “.bundle” to the Plex data plug-in folder.
    Plex Unofficial Channels - Get Plex Addons Like Kodi

    Plex Unofficial Channels – List of Channels in Plug-ins Folder

    1. You will need to double check that your folder name doesn’t end in a “-master” or “-stable”. It should just end with “.bundle” and nothing else (as shown in the image above).
    2. Restart your Plex Server

    That’s it! When you go to the channels screen on your plex server you should now see the channel(s) you’ve installed, similar to the image below.

    Plex Unofficial Channels - Get Plex Addons Like Kodi

    Plex Unofficial Channels – Browse Channels from Plex Server

    Your channels are now up and a running and you should be able to watch them from any of your devices running Plex which support channels. [Read: How to install RasPlex on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2]

    Plex Client Availability

    I tested Plex Channels on iOS and Roku devices and they work really well. I have included some screenshots below from an iOS device. [Read: What Plex Client Hardware is Right for You?]

    Plex Unofficial Channels - Install addons like Kodi

    Plex Unofficial Channels – Plex Channel Available through iOS Device

    Plex Unofficial Channels - Install addons like Kodi

    Plex Unofficial Channels – Browsing Available Items through Plex Channel

    Plex Unofficial Channels - Install addons like Kodi

    Plex Unofficial Channels – Playing Video through Channel from iOS Device

    It should be noted that there are several devices which have Plex clients, but do not allow you to access the channels installed on your Plex server. I haven’t found a comprehensive list, but the following do not allow you to access channels:

    There may be others and if you’re aware of any please post in the comments. Plex has stated that they are working towards including this functionality on these devices but a this time a timeline has not been given. Despite not being available on these platforms, installing the best Plex Channels on your server will provide you access to a wide assortment of content after you’ve setup Plex addons like Kodi.

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    david August 12, 2015 - 6:44 pm

    Amazon Fire TV definitely allows channels- they don’t, however, allow multipart videos to be played in order. So, on the comedy central app, for example, an episode is typically four smaller video files played subsequently, so you cannot watch it there. Other channels work just fine though.

    Winel August 19, 2015 - 4:09 am

    Why won’t Xbox 360 allow you to access those channels with Plex?

    Mike August 19, 2015 - 2:45 pm

    I would think to keep Microsoft happy. It should be noted that Plex just made the Xbox 360 version of their app free for use. I will check the app tonight and see if anything has changed regarding the channels part (but I suspect not).

    kk January 2, 2016 - 1:02 pm

    icefilms not showing anything-if I use apple trailers fromplex that works-bt icemovies/and the other from here-don’t-they do show up-in channels-but when I open,click new/or latest etc-nothing happens,or apperars,help.thx-a newbie

    Help plz January 5, 2016 - 8:05 pm

    When i try to click a host link on icefilms, its now gives me a ‘problem’ Any ideas why this is?? Could it be related to their recent hosting issues?? Ive used this site for years but all of a sudden this is happening

    ctolo January 15, 2016 - 12:32 am

    When I unzip the downloads, they all contain files that end in .bundle-master and do not contain the .bundle as stated. Am i doing something wrong or is it a quick fix like editing the file name s it only reads .bundle?

    New to it all thank you for the help

    Chris January 16, 2016 - 3:38 pm

    I’m not an expert, but have recently started playing with these PLEX Unofficial Channels so I can “Cut the cable cord”. I noticed some streams on YouTube and they did say you only need to remove the ‘-master’ off the end.

    Been playing with both Kodi and PLEX. Sure is a lot more add-ons to access with Kodi but I am limited to use off my Roku 3 right now since Kodi cannot be installed on it. I assume more and more add ons and channels will come available on both platforms. There’s still plenty to dabble in on either Kodi or PLEX though.

    I use PLEX mostly through Roku and I even have a Sony Blu-Ray player that has Google TV built in so I was also able to install PLEX there as well. I push video over from a Galaxy Tablet to my Roku when I want to watch something from Kodi. It’s very simple with the ‘Screen Mirroring’.

    Hope this helps for other rookies like me!

    Anand January 17, 2016 - 10:44 am

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sam February 9, 2016 - 11:23 am

    I’ve been using Plex for several years now. The combination of having a Plex Server and Kodi really gave me the ability to see everything I want without Cable. Both Platforms have advantages.

    There are a couple of channels that I recommend on Plex especially if you are running on Roku Devices (they won’t run Kodi). CCloud, G2G.FM and Primewire. You should also monitor the Plex forums for detailed info, especially if a channel stops working. It could simply be a text file change.

    There are several others that are worth installing. I also use Plexbmc to launch Plex inside of Kodi. One of the main advantages of the Plex server is the ability to download to the server and distribute to multiple devices internally without chewing up Internet Bandwidth everywhere.

    Anand February 9, 2016 - 4:33 pm

    Very true. Thanks for sharing.

    Sam March 26, 2016 - 4:19 pm

    Hi – Ive got the folder but no content? Running through my home windows PC. I dont may the monthly fee/subscribe to Plex. Ive always used just to stream to my NowTV box & TV? Appreciate any help

    Alejandro March 29, 2016 - 1:40 am

    Hello, what folder do you mean? If you want, you could post your problem in detail in our htpcBeginner Support Forums, Plex subforum, so we can assist you.

    Legin April 9, 2016 - 5:45 pm

    Have been using “Let me watch this” and “Ice Films” channels on Plex for the longest. Since last year 2015 both channels have not been working and keep getting an error unable to play file. However both channel las are updated with the latest tv show episodes.

    Is there any fix for this?

    Alejandro April 12, 2016 - 11:30 am

    Hello, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, these channels have been giving some errors to me as well lately. My guess as to why they keep being updated is because they are perhaps drawing just the list and images from a website that keeps them updated (as with movies, for example, some Kodi addons draw their lists from IMDB, and show the links even if they have no sources).

    As with all free addons and channels all we can do right now is wait for them to be fixed by their respective publishers. However, this being said, Icefilms channel sometimes has shown me content, but most of the content is failing, so perhaps it’s also a matter of what media you choose.

    PBot April 15, 2016 - 5:07 am

    Thanks for writing up this info. Much appreciated. A suggestion and then a question:

    If we’re supposed RENAME the downloaded folders from .bundle-master to .bundle, please specify that in the article.

    Also, I know i SAW a RESTART option somewhere, but I cannot find it. I’ve exited and entered Plex both on the PC and via Roku and LetMeWatchThis won’t install. I extracted the ZIP, moved the folder to the PlugIns folder, renamed it so just reads .bundle, but I’m not seeing a channel. How does it work? What do I need to do? THX!

    Alejandro April 15, 2016 - 12:00 pm

    Hello, for easier installation of channels in Plex I would recommend you follow our tutorial on how to install Plex WebTools 2.0 and use the Unsupported AppStore. It is easier to install channels that way. Hope it helps!

    Pip Longrun February 16, 2017 - 9:46 am

    Icefilms and LetMeWatchThis are dead channels, they no longer have an active dev that supports those channels. Have a look at a channel called PrimeWire. I’ve contributed to this channel personally and it is still being worked on occasionally.


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