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qBittorrent v3.1.4 Released: Installation and Upgrade

written by Anand January 7, 2014

qBittorrent is a lightweight bittorrent client for Linux and other platforms. Its specialty compared to Deluge or Transmission, is the ease of installation and configuration. This post introduces the recently released qBittorrent v3.1.4 update.

qBittorrent v3.1.4

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What's New in qBittorrent v3.1.4

qBittorrent v3.1.4 brings many fixes and improvements. Listed below are the changes in this version:

  • FEATURE: Statistics dialog (Gelmir)
  • FEATURE: Tooltips explaining each peer's connection flags (sledgehammer999)
  • FEATURE: Win/Mac Check for program updates every 15min and allow the user to manually check for updates through the help menu. (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Better dialog message for torrent delete confirmation (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Fix resizing grip location. Closes #1146. (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Lock toolbar in place. Closes #1144. (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Second attempt at fixing saving settings on shutdown. (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Sort labels in 'Add new torrent' dialog. Closes #1150 #411. (sledgehammer999)
  • LINUX: Fix build under Ubuntu 13.10 (sledgehammer999)
  • LINUX: Make sleep and shutdown functions work on systemd's logind (Faheem Pervez)

Release announcement for qBittorrent v3.1.4 is available here.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation and Configuration

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  3. Synology America DiskStation 2-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage

Upgrade Instructions

If you have not added the PPA repository yet, then add it first using the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hydr0g3n/qbittorrent-stable

Then update your packages cache and upgrade:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

On Windows, you can install qBittorrent v3.1.4 by running the latest .exe from here and overwriting the existing installation.

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