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Smart Home News Roundup 2017 Wk 36: Nest Thermostat E, Smart home security flaws, LG invests in smart tech

written by Moe Long September 8, 2017

Welcome to the SmartHomeBeginner smart home News Roundup 2017 Wk 36! This week saw the Nest Theromstat E released, smart home security flaws come to light, and a beefy albeit pricey smart lock debut. Read on for the latest in smart home news and updates!

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Nest's new thermostat is just like the original only cheaper

Nest Thermostat eWhile it may not have been the first smart home device, the Nest is easily one of the best known. New for 2017, its Nest Thermostat E targets users fresh to the smart home space seeking the benefits of smart homes and smart home automation, but with the aesthetic of a "dumb" gadget. What's most notable is its refreshed exterior which is more muted while packing all the power of the original Nest minus a few features which target power users.

There's a huge investment opportunity in the smart home, Barclays says

Barclays revealed that the smart home space is ripe with opportunity for investment. Connected homes are attractive to consumers who seek savings from smart tech as well as voice control. In turn, this incentivizes companies to continue developing smart technology for both enterprise and consumer-facing applications.

This $700 device locks up the smart home and throws away the key

There's a ton of variation within the smart home space. But security is a primary issue. A $700 device really bolsters home security. Meet Otto. It's a smart lock but features no physical key. Instead, it uses geofencing to unlock a home. There's a backup battery and the Otto does let users know when it's running low. Still, its high price tag is sure to deter many would-be adopters.

Researchers discover security flaws in smart home products

Unfortunately, the smart home space is pretty fresh relative to many enterprise applications. Though the Internet of Things devices are exciting, this also means security flaws. As Phys.org reveals, ZigBee was found to have many weaknesses. In fact, researchers even recommended disabling touchlink in later ZigBee 3.0 products. With rapid innovation comes a need for better testing and regular security patches to prevent flaws like this.

LG to double its smart home-related investments by 2020

LG is a top electronics manufacturer. As Android Headlines reveals, LG plans to ramp up its smart home investments by 2020, to the tune of increasing those double. There's a ton of potential in the smart home space largely due to consumer demand. As smart tech becomes more honed, prices drop making it more feasible to retrofit "dumb" homes. This, therefore, fosters major opportunity for companies like LG which seek to provide products which cater to customer need.

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