Beginner Blueprint: Complete Kodi Setup Guide

Kodi Setup Guide Blueprint

Kodi has become the ideal software for those who want to run a media center. This open source media player allows you to not only play a great deal of media files, but also enhance its features with addons. Addons for Kodi are usually open source complements that can be added … read more

Beginner Blueprint: Complete VirtualBox Setup Guide

Complete Virtualbox Setup Guide Blueprint

This complete VirtualBox setup guide will help you install and configure VirtualBox on your device, and let you test various home server operating systems without making permanent alterations to your device. VirtualBox provides a self-contained environment to test your OS, or even run it permanently as an instance within your main OS. … read more

Beginner Blueprint: Complete Monit Setup Guide

Monit Config Examples Hdd Storage

Setting up a home server can be a piece of work. After setting it up, you want to have it running as automatically as possible, with little or no intervention from you. You spend time looking at the most common home server uses, then find appropriate software from a list of best … read more

Beginner Blueprint: Complete FlexGet Setup Guide

Install Flexget On Ubuntu Logo

Perhaps you have heard about it: there’s a new software that allows you to automate lots of tasks on your home server, in almost a set-and-forget way. Extremely convenient, and low on resource requirements. A bit intimidating, because of a lack of graphical interface. You probably wanted to have a … read more

Beginner Blueprint: Complete Amazon Fire TV Kodi Guide

Amazon Fire Tv Kodi Guide

This complete Amazon Fire TV Kodi guide covers everything from knowing your Fire TV to getting Kodi functioning flawlessly on your Fire TV and Stick. While it is compiled for beginners who do not know where to start, it should also help out existing Amazon Kodi TV box users take … read more