How to Install Headphones on Docker using Kitematic GUI?

Install Headphones On Docker Using Kitematic

We already shown how to install Headphones on Docker commandline, which works on all platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac. Headphones is an automated music downloader. For people who don’t prefer commandline, we presented Kitematic Docker GUI for Windows. In this post, I will show you how simple it is to … read more

Install Headphones using Docker – Automatic Music Downloads

Headphones In Docker

In our previous posts, you learned how to install Sickrage in Docker, a service that allows you to automate your TV show download by creating watch lists and automatically download them when they are available. Headphones is a similar service, made specifically for music. You just add your wanted music albums and Headphones will … read more

AtoMiC ToolKit October 2015: Headphones and Mylar

Atomic Toolkit From

Our famous AtoMiC ToolKit, which automates the installation and maintenance of home server software such as couchpotato, sickbeard, newsgrabbers, and torrent clients, can now handle Headphones and Mylar. We have added the following new features: Headphones installer and uninstaller, and Mylar installer and uninstaller. What are Headphones and Mylar If … read more