How to automatically extract RAR files on Sonarr after download?

Extract Rar Files On Sonarr

Sonarr is one of the best services for TV show download automation. Just like SickRage, it allows you to create watch lists and automatically download them when they are available. Unfortunately, automatic Sonarr unrar after download is not possible and this hurts your experience. You can read our comparison of Sonarr vs Sickrage showing … read more

9 Best Home Server Apps to Automate Media Management

9 Best Home Server Apps To Automate Media Management

Having a home server or a NAS is a great choice for people who look for a personal storage space for their media. In addition, we have previously covered several other uses of a home server. But the hardware is nothing without the software powering it. We have already listed … read more

How to install Sonarr on Docker using Kitematic GUI?

Install Sonarr On Docker Using Kitematic

We already shown how to install Sonarr on Docker commandline, which works on all platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac. For people who don’t prefer commandline, we presented Kitematic Docker GUI for Windows. In this post, I will show you how simple it is to install Sonarr on Docker using Kitematic … read more

Guide: Install Sonarr on Windows 10 in just a few minutes

Install Sonarr On Windows 10

Sonarr (also known as NzbDrone) is a service for automatic media download just like Sickrage and SickBeard and it’s preferred instead of the previously mentioned services because of it’s ease of use, interface and features. We have already shown you how to install Sonarr on Ubuntu or automatically install Sonarr … read more

AtoMiC ToolKit – Automate your Media Center

Atomic Toolkit From

We are glad to launch AtoMiC ToolKit, a set of bash scripts that will automate installation of home server, NAS, and HTPC related software on Ubuntu Linux (including 15.05 Vivid Vervet) and its variants. You may have used our All-in-one PVR script or our AtoMiC installation scripts for Transmission WebUI, … read more

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