Guide: Configure OpenVPN autostart Linux connection

Configure Openvpn Autostart Linux Image

Your system should be safe from the moment it boots up. In order to achieve this, your VPN connection should start automatically as soon as you boot your system. This guide tells you how to configure OpenVPN autostart Linux option, in order for your Linux system to be always safe … read more

Quick Vero 2 review: unlock all the power of OSMC

Vero 2 Review Featured | Smarthomebeginner

OSMC is a recent appearance media center OS, which has already gathered quite a good number of users in just over a year. Because of its relatively little time on the market, and although it has all the elements to be a popular alternative to traditional operating systems such as … read more

Video: Raspberry Pi OSMC Installation on Windows

Install Osmc On Raspberry Pi Ft | Smarthomebeginner

Recently, we showed you how to install OSMC on Raspberry Pi. This video shows Raspberry Pi OSMC installation on Windows. OSMC is the new and improved Raspbmc for Raspberry Pi and other devices. Briefly the process involves downloading OSMC image, writing the image to SD card, booting Raspberry Pi from … read more