RAIO: Raspberry Pi has never been easier

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I must admit that when I first read this name, it made me think back to my first language, Spanish. I was reminded of the word “rayo”, which sounds strikingly alike, and means “lightning”. I was once again reminded of that word when I felt a jolt of surprise and … read more

Too many web interfaces? Try HTPC Manager!

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As we delve deeper into the interesting world of Home Theater PCs and take advantage of the many applications available, to enjoy our favorite content in the most comfortable ways, there is a growing aspect of it all that kind of defeats the purpose: the number of apps necessary to … read more

[Review] Raw Mini HTPC with XBMC and Raw Remote

Raw Mini Htpc

Raw Mini from Raw media is a mini HTPC build that is designed to be a perfect companion to your entertainment center. Almost all electronics and devices (except those of with viewing displays) are getting smaller and smaller these days. If you are looking to replace or add a micro … read more

AddThis Pro for WordPress takes your blog to the next level

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AddThis Pro for WordPress could be the one social audience engagement tool that could take your blog to the next level. AddThis has been providing plugins like share buttons, follow buttons, and content recommendation to help increase your social network footprint with likes, shares, and followers for years. Now they … read more