5 ways to customize AddThis floating share bar

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Floating share bars are one of the best ways to increase sharing and attract more traffic to your site. In this tutorial, I will show you 5 ways to customize AddThis floating bar to get the most out of it as well as tune it to your site theme. While … read more

Should you buy Facebook Likes for your Fanpage?

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Should you buy Facebook likes that fake to improve the social presence of your product or website? Well, I did a quick experiment to find out. Read this post before making such a move. In the today’s world the importance of social media in sell your products / blog and … read more

Track Alexa rank, Facebook Like, Twitter Follower, and FeedBurner Subscriber counts

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Recently, I published a few posts on getting Facebook like count, Twitter followers count, FeedBurner Subscriber count, and Alexa Rank and Sites Linking in using simple PHP codes. Doing so has several advantages: replacing widgets (thereby improving page speeds) and displaying counts a simple formatted texts. It also provides the … read more

Get FeedBurner subscribers count using PHP

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UPDATE (01/12/2013): This will no longer work because Google has shutdown FeedBurner API. FeedBurner is a web feed management provider from Google. It provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. Recently, I wrote posts on how to get Facebook like count using … read more

Get Twitter followers count using PHP

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Recently, I wrote a post on how to get Facebook like count using PHP. Continuing along the same lines, in this post, I will explain how to get Twitter followers count using a simple PHP script. The number can be stored in cache or a database and displayed as simple … read more

Get Facebook like count using PHP

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The Facebook fanbox is pretty neat. It displays the Facebook like count as well as the pictures of the fans. One drawback to it is that it occupies a lot of space on your blog. In this post, I am going to explain how to get Facebook like count for … read more