PuTTY SSH client update: Version 0.69 released

Putty Ssh Client | Smarthomebeginner

When it comes to SSH clients, PuTTY ranks as one of the most well-known. The open-source Telenet, SSH, SCP, raw socket, and rlogin program boasts superb cross-platform compatibility. It’s excellent for server management or remote Raspberry Pi administration. It’s particularly useful for headless home servers. While PuTTY is not the … read more

Monit: Monitor ShellInABox process status

Monitor Shellinabox

Monit can monitor ShellInABox and notify you if it stops running for some reason. Setting up a remotely accessible shell with ShellInABox is awesome. But what if ShellInABox process closes and you did not even know? You may not be able to gain shell access on your server through the … read more