Raspberry Pi Models and Cool Projects for Each in 2021

Raspberry Pi 400 Desktop Masahiko Ohkubo From Kobe, Japan, Cc By 2.0 , Via Wikimedia Commons

What can you use the one of the several Raspberry Pi models for? Read on for the best use cases for popular Raspberry Pi types. Raspberry Pi models come in several new and old varieties. This can be confusing for newbies and experienced developers seeking to repurpose Raspberry Pi for … read more

Raspberry Pi Default Login for 26 Key Projects: Don’t get lost

Raspberry Pi Default Login Raspberry Pi Foundation - Https://Www.raspberrypi.org, Cc By-Sa 4.0 , Via Wikimedia Commons

Forgot or do not know Raspberry Pi default login and password? This post lists over 25 Raspberry Pi Default Credentials for almost every operating system. Many operating systems and projects exist for Raspberry Pi development board. After you install a project or operating system one thing you may need to … read more

Complete guide to stream college football live in 2019 – TV, OTT, Kodi, etc

Stream College Football Live In 2018 Hero

While live television once came from cable and satellite providers, not many users turn to cord-cutting. Though over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services and even free streaming options provide easy access to movies and TV shows, live streaming sports leaves a void that’s tough to fill. Learn how to watch college … read more