TP-Link releases smart home camera Kasa Cam KC120

TP-Link has long reigned supreme in connectivity with its Wi-Fi and networking devices. For instance, its smart plugs, range extenders, and Wi-Fi routers offer whole-home coverage. Now, TP-Link releases smart home camera Kasa Cam KC120. With this move, TP-Link further delves into the smart home space. [Read: Blink camera review - Easy, affordable, wireless home security camera system]

Kasa Cam KC120 revealed

Tp-Link Releases Smart Home Camera Kasa Cam Kc120

The Kasa Cam KC120 arrives as TP-Links's foray into the smart home space. It's a tiny, affordable camera. Despite its diminutive stature, it's capable of recording 1080p video and sports a 120-degree wide-angle lens camera. Plus, there's Amazon Echo Show integration for device connectivity. [Read: My Smart Home setup – All gadgets and apps I use in my automated home]

While it's not the first smart home camera available from TP-Link, this is the first consumer-facing security camera from the technology vendor. Onboard, you'll find a slew of features. There's two-way audio, motion and audio-triggered recordings, IR night vision, and the ability to specify an active area to monitor. Though it's wired, the Kasa Cam KC120 is able to be powered via USB. It's intended for only indoor use.

For storage, you'll find the KC120 utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud storage. There's no onboard storage. [Read: What is a smart home and what can smart home automation do for you?]

TP-Link releases smart home camera

With its debut in the consumer smart home space, TP-Link proves that smart tech is the way of the future. There's a growing demand for smart home technology. Because of this, TP-Link expands its offerings beyond mere connectivity. The Kasa Cam KC120 boasts two main features which automatically help it stand out. That's an affordable price and solid integration with well-known products like the Amazon Echo Show.

Since most smart home owners cobble together a smart home with assorted devices from a smattering of vendors, it's necessary to provide integration options. As such, there's more incentive for adoption. Similarly, the low price means the Kasa Cam KC120 is poised to dominate. Provided the KC120 sells well, expect a continued expansion into the smart home space from TP-Link.

What would you like to see TP-Link debut next, or which other vendors would you enjoy getting involved in the smart home space?

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