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Transmission 2.84 Released: Installation and Upgrade

Transmission 2.84

written by Daisy August 17, 2015

Transmission bittorrent is one of the most commonly used bittorrent softwares on Linux and Mac platforms for a long time. Compared to qBittorrent and Deluge, configuration of Transmission can be quite tricky but once done you have a very stable bittorrent client. This post introduces the recently released Transmission 2.83 and 2.84 updates.

Transmission 2.84

Transmission 2.84

What's New in Transmission 2.83 and 2.84?

Since our last publication, covering the 2.82 release, Transmission introduced two releases, most of which address the routine bug fix updates.

Transmission 2.83 comes with followig minor fixes:

All Platforms

  • Licensing change: the GNU GPLv2 code can now be used under GNU GPL v2 or v3
  • Fix network hanging issues that could occur when both UTP and DHT were enabled
  • Fix 2.82 file descriptor leak when importing a blocklist
  • Disallow torrents that contain "/../" in the path
  • Fix 2.82 bug that didn't retain peers between sessions
  • Fix potential dangling memory error in UDP tracker DNS lookups
  • Remember a torrent's "queued" state between Transmission sessions
  • Updated third party libraries: DHT updated to v0.22; miniupnpc updated to v1.9
  • Autoconf script fixes: better detection of ccache, minupnpc
  • Fix the X-Transmission-Session-Id header to be valid with the SPDY protocol
  • Fix thread safety bugs in the tr_list datatype
  • When determining free disk space on NetBSD>=6, support its Quota feature
  • Windows portability improvements

Mac Client

  • Share option in File menu and context menu
  • Show all torrents when the filter bar is hidden
  • Show zero-byte files correctly
  • Coalesce multiple Speed Limit Auto Enabled/Disabled? notifications
  • Turkish localization
  • Removed Brazilian Portuguese localization because of lack of localizer (European Portuguese localization remains)

GTK+ Client

  • Fix threading issue on shutdown

Qt Client

  • Fix toggle-downloading-by-pressing-spacebar in the file list
  • Fix "Open URL" crash from dangling pointer
  • Support launching downloaded files from inside Transmission
  • On Windows, use native Windows icons
  • Improved network status info and tooltip in the status bar
  • Fix "Open Torrent" dialog crash in Qt 5.2


  • On systemd systems, fix config reloading via 'systemctl reload'
  • Use libevent's event loop
  • Fix discrepancy in curl SSL setup between tr-daemon and tr-remote
  • Fix broken OS X build

Web Client

  • Support file renaming in the web client
  • Fix incorrect torrent state being displayed for magnet links
  • Make URLs in the torrent's comment field clickable (and sanitize them to prevent cross-scripting)

Transmission 2.84 comes with only one fix for All Platforms:

  • Fix peer communication vulnerability (no known exploits) reported by Ben Hawkes

The complete changelog for the Transmission 2.83 and 2.84 and other releases can be found here.

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Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation and Configuration

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Upgrade Instructions

If you have not added the PPA repository yet, then add it first using the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa

Then update your packages cache and upgrade:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Enjoy the new fixes and improvements of the latest version.

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