UsenetServer annouces Usenet with free VPN – Giveaway

Last month, UsenetServer announced another big upgrade to their service: Usenet with free VPN. the Usenet VPN free service runs alongside your Usenet access and provides a anonymity using a protective encryption tunner for your internet connection. According to UsenetServer team, this keeps your "online activity safe and anonymous from the prying eyes of your ISP, government spying, and identity thieves". With this Usenet VPN bundle, you can enjoy complete anonymity + complete transfer speeds that may otherwise be throttled by your ISP. Usenet with free VPN is available with unlimited annual plan that at no cost. With otherp lans it is available as an addon for few more dollars a month.

Usenetserver Unlimited Plans With Vpn
Usenetserver Unlimited Plans With Vpn

So there you go, one more reason to go with annual plan, which gives you unlimited Usenet with free VPN for just $7.95 per month. Note that this special pricing and free Usenet VPN service is available exclusively through our affiliate links.

Usenet VPN vs SSL

So you may wonder what's the different between Usenet VPN vs SSL. Both encrypt the data being transferred so outsiders cannot snoop-in and see what is being transferred. But with SSL your ISP will know that you are connecting to your Usenet provider and there may be a lot of traffic. They may end up throttling your speeds. With Usenet VPN service your ISP will only know that you are connecting your VPN provider but will not know for what purposes. We have shown you how to find a free Usenet account but keep in mind that you will never have VPN or even SSL protection from free services, which are rare to begin with.

UsenetServer Usenet with free VPN Giveaway

Note that no Usenet access providers offer free VPN service at this point. So to celebrate this new Usenet with Free VPN service UsenetServer is offering a 3-month Unlimited Usenet VPN bundle to one lucky winner from our fans and followers. You may submit your entry through the widget below.

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Usenet VPN Package Winner

The winner of the Usenet with Free VPN giveaway will be announced here during the 3rd week of October. Stay tuned!

Update: 10/20/2014
Winner: Alexandra Lenox, for tweeting about this Giveaway:

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