“Works with Sonos” to open up the company’s speakers to third-party apps

Sonos wants their speakers in people's homes and they're taking serious steps to make sure it happens. The Verge reports that the company announced a form of certification that lets their products interact with more third-party products than ever. This new certification, called "Works with Sonos," will allow all manner of smart home applications, programs, and devices to work with anything bearing the Sonos brand. [Read: Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which is better for smart home control?]

Everything Works With Sonos

Works With Sonos - New Functionality For Smart Speakers
More Things Work With Sonos

Currently companies like Olutron, Wink, TunesMap, Wrensilva, Alarm.com, Crestron, and iPort all on board with the new program. Many more third-party companies will be seeking the new label. [Read: 6 best smart speakers for 2017: Speakers for your smart home]

This move expands on the already existing compatibility with the streaming music service Spotify, that they introduced last year. "Works with Sonos" will also include integration with Pandora, Tidal, iHeart Radio, and Audible.

Sonos is hoping these improvements will be enough to let them be heard over the competition.

Support for Apple Devices

This announcement includes plans to expand their platforms to include AirPlay 2 support for Apple’s devices in 2018. Sonos speakers will be able to link directly to an iPhone or iPad directly without any additional apps. [Read: What is a smart home and what can smart home automation do for you?]

As this rollout progresses, the AirPlay 2 support will also eventually come to support Siri, just as Sonos has recently begun to function in conjunction with Alexia.

The addition of iOS compatibility as well as the "Works with Sonos" will be taking effect next year.

Sonos won't be stopping there, however, integration is going to extend to various smart home devices and hubs, like Logitech Harmony and Samsung’s SmartThings. It’s a big improvement to a high-quality speaker, that have lacked many advanced features.

A more accepting Sonos system is a welcome advancement. The high-quality speakers have been mired by their lack of compatibility. The adjustment to the way more people choose to their music is much needed.

"Works with Sonos" will address these issues, while elevating the speakers to a truly smart home product.

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