Younity Review: easily stream your media from anywhere

There is increased interest -and technical possibilities- to get access to your home computer media and files from anywhere in the world. Applications such as Emby media server and Plex Android app, enable you to get access to your media wherever you may be located, but that's all they are really focused on. A new competitor is entering the fray with these proven giants of personal media streaming. In this Younity Review we take a look at the Younity app, an application that enables you to get your files, no matter their format, anywhere in the world from your mobile device. Does this sound too good to be true? Let's find out. [Read: Plex vs Emby: A Comprehensive Comparison]

Younity Review Streaming
With Younity, You Can Stream Your Media From Your Home Computer Or Server To Any Of Your Mobile Devices, Anywhere.

Good and bad news for all those who want to install Younity, but do not have an iOS mobile device; this app is not available yet on the Google Play store. It was a disappointment for me, personally, until I learned that it is being ported and there will be a Younity Android app soon. You might be wondering how to use Younity? Well, the gist of it is this: first install Younity to your computer, and then install Younity mobile app. With some configuration it will be ready and up to speed to connect you to that video of your vacation or that song you have had stuck in your head all day. This opens up possibilities of use, if you're creative, such as using Younity to stream media from your home server to your media box. The setup is said to be so easy, that it has been labeled as a zero-knowledge cloud app, so it's ideal if you're setting up a home server for the first time.

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Younity Review: stream anything, no restrictions

What surprises me the most about the app in this Younity review is the fact that you don't have restrictions on what you can stream. Even if you have a DRM Protected Stream you can't access in Plex or other application, you can do it with Younity in a flawless way. You do not even need to be connected to your home network, as your computer can act as your very own private server over the internet, and serve you the files you want. [Read: Parallels Access review: control your home server remotely]

Install Younity Download Files
Music, Photos, Files. There Is No Limit To What You Can Download To Your Mobile From Your Home Pc With Younity.

Storage on mobile devices is sometimes a problem, but after you Install Younity, you can safely say you have unlimited storage on your mobile (or at least, something similar to that). There's no need to plan ahead what files you want to access, because after the initial scan, your files will be available for you to download and view whenever you wish, no matter their location within your hard drive.

Younity Review: Do you recommend it?

How To Use Younity Airplay
With Younity, You Can Also Use Airplay, To Share Your Downloaded Content On A Big Screen.

Since it is a free application on both the server side and the mobile side of it, and considering the fact that it brings new elements to the table, that other apps don't, I would say download it and give it a try. Having the ability to get your files anywhere is a pretty big deal, and not having to plan which ones you want to access is a pretty liberating feeling as well. If you are interested in having your own home server, you may want to take a look at our 7 best home server software list or expand your knowledge by looking at the 5 Most common NAS or Home Server uses. The options are out there, and all you have to do is try the one that fits your needs the best.

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