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State of the Site 2023 and Launch of Memberships

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If you want to show your support without paying anything, then you may sign up for STARTER - FREE membership. This gives a few benefits, including Auto-Traefik privileges (e.g. Docker Setup, Docker Environment Setup, Socket Proxy Setup, Anand's Bash Aliases for Docker, etc.).

Starter PrivilegesStarter PrivilegesStarter PrivilegesStarter PrivilegesStarter Privileges
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 Exclusive BONUS content in the guidesExclusive BONUS content in the guidesExclusive BONUS content in the guidesExclusive BONUS content in the guides
Exclusive articlesExclusive articlesExclusive articles
Giveaway/Raffle entriesGiveaway/Raffle entriesGiveaway/Raffle entries
Auto-Traefik (with Yearly)Auto-Traefik+ (with Yearly)Auto-Traefik+
Early access to video guidesEarly access to video guides
Grandfathered into all future benefits
30-day cancellation period (full refund)
$1.99 / month$4.99 / month$9.99 / month$14.99 / month$399.99 one-time
$19.99 / year
(17% Discount)
$49.99 / year
(17% Discount)
$99.99 / year
(17% Discount)
$149.99 / year
(17% Discount)


Ensure prerequisites and setup the basic Docker-Traefik stack. Add authentication and additional apps manually. Upgrade any-time from your Account Page. Click on Change.
Ensure prerequisites and setup scalable Docker-Traefik stack with Apps and Authentication.

One-time Contribution

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