Smart Home Beginner was launched in February 2018 by Anand. However, the contents have been available for over 10 years through htpcBeginner.com (launched March 2014), LinuXplained.com (launched June 2012), linuxblog.avserver.info (launched December 2011), and blog.homelinux.org (launched April 2010).

About Us | Smarthomebeginner

Due to the recent growth and to establish an identity that accurately depicts its content, it was recently renamed and launched as SmartHomeBeginner.com and will cover various topics:

  • HTPC setup
  • Linux Home Servers
  • Web Server - Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  • Media Server - XBMC / Kodi, Plex, Streaming, Players, and Devices
  • WordPress Blogging
  • Android
  • bit of Windows
  • and other relevant reviews, news, and tutorials

If you would like to author articles for Smart Home Beginner please read the Write for Smart Home Beginner section. We offer revenue sharing and other perks.

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