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Write For LinuxplainedhtpcBeginner.com's popularity has been growing and we expect to have several million visitors this year. Checkout the About page for details. htpcBeginner is now opening up and letting you reach its readers directly. Both experienced and novice writers are welcome to contribute. Publish your articles here, gain growing visibility, and even make some money.

Why write for htpcBeginner.com?

The benefits of writing for htpcBeginner.com depends on what your purpose of writing is.

  • Access to a growing community of followers
  • Backlinks to your blog/website
  • Visibility for your expertise, knowledge, and writing skills
  • A chance to explore and improve your blogging skills in front of real audience
  • And best of all, you even get paid to write for us and enjoy the benefits above

On top of that we also offer all the tools you may need to make your article reach the most number of readers. All posts must be grammatically correct and properly optimized for search engines (don't worry we will give you the initial guidance and tools to help you out). All payments will be through PayPal. We are open to working out monthly contracts with good writers. Paid authorship is not available to guest writers who introduce/promote/review their own products and services. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.

What to write about?

The categories for your articles are pretty open and generic, providing you a lot of flexibility. You may write:

  • Tutorials and HOW-TOs on HTPCs, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Ubuntu, XBMC, Plex, Web Hosting, Home Server, Media/File Server, WordPress Blogging, Android, etc.
  • Reviews and feature articles on relevant products
  • Product introductions

We are also open to any other relevant type of content. All posts will be reviewed and approved by htpcBeginner.

Ready to get started?

Write For HtpcbeginnerFollow the steps outlined below and you will be ready to roll.

  1. Register as an author.
  2. Receive your login and password by email after agreeing on payment terms.
  3. Login and complete your Author Profile (required).
  4. Setup your Gravatar (required).
  5. Review our Authorship Guidelines.
  6. Draft your post - All guidelines must be followed.
  7. Submit post - Your post will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours.
  8. Respond to comments on your post.
  9. Enjoy the gain in popularity and the earnings.

You may use the Write for Us dropdown link in the top navigational menu (shown above) to reach the above relevant pages. Once again thank you for considering htpcBeginner to publish your article. We look forward to working with you.