10 Best Free Video Proxy Sites 2023 – Protect Yourself

Sometimes there are Country/ISP restrictions on video sites like Youtube. Here is a list of 10 best free video proxy sites that allow you circumvent any blocks.

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A video proxy allows you to connect to a web server and surf anonymously, the server IP is used instead of your own.

Ideally, when a video streaming site is blocked the best solution is to use a reliable VPN (Surfshark $2.39/month). With a VPN you can securely pass your traffic through a VPN server located elsewhere, making it look like your traffic is originating from there.

However, sometimes a VPN is either not available or not possible. This is where stream unblocking video proxy can come in handy.

Much like a VPN it allows you to hide behind the server's IP. Video proxy websites allow you to enter a web URL to enjoy this experience for free, sometimes giving you the opportunity to upgrade to a premium package for a better experience.

Best Free Video Proxy Sites

Below is a list of free video proxy sites rated in order of most useful. While generally freer would do better on a list such as this, these best video proxy sites also have the option to upgrade to a paid account.

Even so, I strongly recommend getting a VPN and setting up a universal VPN client such as Gluetun to put many of your devices/services behind VPN.

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1. Kproxy

Best Video Proxy Sites Kproxy | Smarthomebeginner
Kproxy Best Free Video Proxy

If you want a free video proxy service that is never going to need an upgrade to premium, Kproxy is pro quality for free. You get access to video streaming proxies with easy setup and configuration using apps and browser extensions. Other entirely free services may offer the same server access, but not quite the same ease of setup as Kproxy.

2. Webshare

Webshare Free Video Proxy
Webshare Free Video Proxy

Webshare is the perfect example of what I mean when I mention premium options. With any app or service I use for free on the Web, I often want to have a premium option to upgrade. Webshare offers you 10 premium video streaming proxies free on signup without asking for your card information.

3. Hidester

Hidester Free Video Streaming Proxies
Hidester Free Video Streaming Proxies

Hidester may be third on this list but definitely is worth talking about. In addition to free proxies, they also provide commercial VPN and other useful free tools.

  • Anonymous Web Proxy
  • DNS Leak Test
  • WebRTC Leak Test
  • Proxy List
  • Proxy Filter
  • Proxy Checker
  • Browser Fingerprint
  • Password Generator

4. Hide.me

Hide.me Free Video Proxy
Hide.me Free Video Proxy

Hide.me is definitely worth using. While you can unblock any website, you can also upgrade to VPN for a very affordable price. This is another one that is great to use and even better to upgrade to with all kinds of other free tools.

  • DNS Leak Test
  • Free Proxy
  • Password Generator
  • What is My IP?
  • WebRTC Leak Test

5. HideMyAss

Hidemyass Free Video Proxies
Hidemyass Free Video Proxies

HideMyAss provides a great free proxy search which also has an option for upgrade. If you have not heard of HMA before, it is no wonder you would first learn of it here. Boasting one of the world's largest networks, HMA also offers commercial VPN.

6. 4everproxy

4Everproxy Video Streaming Proxies
4Everproxy Video Streaming Proxies

4everproxy stays current with video websites for the best streaming experience with an affordable premium option. There are, in fact, two searches on their website. One is a web proxy, the other a video proxy.

7. VPNbook

Vpnbook Video Streaming Proxies
Vpnbook Video Streaming Proxies

VPNbook is a good free web proxy to use. You can either use the web UI or follow one of their many guides for your operating system. This one is particularly suited for residents of Canada, UK and the US.

8. Filterbypass

Filterbypass Video Streaming Proxies
Filterbypass Video Streaming Proxies

Filterbypass is a stable, reliable, and free video proxy service based on simplicity. Anyone can configure Filterbypass in their browser to enjoy video streaming proxies. You can also use the web UI on their site.

9. CroxyProxy

Croxyproxy Free Video Proxy
Croxyproxy Free Video Proxy

CroxyProxy is a good one that is a fast, reliable, and free alternative to pro-VPN. It works with YouTube and supports a lot of other video proxy sites with full video streaming support. It is entirely free of charge and can be configured to work in your web browser.

You also have the choice to upgrade to premium for advanced features.

10. ProxySite

Proxysite.com Free Proxy Youtube
Proxysite.com Video Proxy

ProxySite is yet another that is free with a premium VPN option. You can use the web UI or configure the free video proxy in your browser settings. ProxySite is optimized for social media, such as YouTube and Facebook.


Are there any free proxy?

Yes, there are several free proxy sites such as Kproxy, CroxyProxy, HideMyAss, etc. Many of the proxies even unblock video sites.

Are proxy sites safe?

Generally speaking proxies are safe. However, free proxies can have ads , which can be intrusive. Some sites may even have embedded malware. So exercise caution while using free proxy sites.

Which is better Proxy or VPN?

Proxy sites make money through ads. You may inadvertently click on malicious links. You have more control with a paid VPN service. And a VPN is generally safer than an untrusted proxy website.


Premium video streaming proxies are good for permanent use, such as a home media server. Free video proxies are useful when you cannot connect to a commercial VPN. If you happen to use a free proxy VPN server, it is nice to have an affordable option to upgrade on a familiar platform.

A free video proxy server is a wonderful way to unblock content. Many of the services above offer VPN as an alternative. I would still prefer a complete VPN such as Surfshark. If you want to set up a local VPN, I recommend Wireguard.

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