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Here are a few ways to get Auto-Traefik for free or a discounted price.

One question or feedback I have received from many folks is, Why am I not making the Auto-Traefik script available for free to the community.

Charing For Auto Traefik | Smarthomebeginner

It is a valid point, after all, I also believe in open-source and free software.

The Reality

The reality, however, is quite different. I do not want to rehash everything again. You may find my rant in the State of the Site and Introduction of Memberships article published few weeks back.

Since then, I have received nearly 30 memberships and 35 Auto-Traefik sales.

So, a big thank you to all those who took the initiative to show your support for what I and my authors do on this site.

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How to Get Auto-Traefik for Free

Let me cut to the chase. Most of you are looking for some products anyways, why not use our affiliate links to get those (your prices won't change) and we get a commission.

I could use this to provide a discount on Auto-Traefik. Sounds good?

Here are the options:

1. Shop on Amazon - Raffle Entries

The price you pay will not be affected by using our affiliate link.
3 Auto-Traefik Winners per Month.

ONE Auto-Traefik+ Winner

ONE Auto-Traefik Winner

Shop using the links below:
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2. Free Auto-Traefik

This is not a raffle. All purchases receive free Auto-Traefik.

With the purchase of either Surfshark VPN 2-year plan OR NewsHosting Usenet 1-year plan, you will receive a free license to Auto-Traefik. If you decide to upgrade to Auto-Traefik+ the value of Auto-Traefik ($19.99) will apply as a discount towards Auto-Traefik+.

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3. Free Auto-Traefik+

This is not a raffle. All purchases receive free Auto-Traefik.

If you purchased both Surfshark VPN 2-year plan and NewsHosting Usenet 1-year plan, you will be eligible to receive a free Auto-Traefik+ license.

How to Win?

All you have to do is, after you make the purchases above, submit your order information using the form below. With Amazon, each order will qualify as an entry into the raffle.

While your order number will be used for verification, we cannot see "what" you purchased on Amazon.

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